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Reverse fetish: EUDM AE86 gauge cluster in JDM car

I love to have my car look as closely to a JDM car as possible. That includes changing things like the headlights, badges and gauge cluster. I’m not alone in this since I’ve seen a lot of people on AEU86 buying JDM analogue and digi dashes for the AE86. Now seeing this picture on the :
Reverse fetish: EUDM AE86 cluster
Reverse fetish: EUDM AE86 cluster

Yes, that is a JDM cluster made to look like a EUDM spec cluster!
Since the JAF (Japanese Automobile Federation) decided in the 1970s that limiting the speedo to 180km/h would stop people from speeding influenced the Japanese to go wild on any speedo that exceeds 180km/h. I call it a reverse fetish! ;)

BTW: If you seek a real EUDM cluster, just drop me an email and I’ll try to arrange one for you! :)


  1. Anonymous

    hey, so i saw your post and pic of the eudm gauge cluster with the bright white lights in it…..i want one of those soooooo badly….how much can i get one for? ill even send you mine!

  2. banpei

    The standard EUDM cluster got the greenish color bulbs with the zenki cluster (like the one I posted, but then with a green color) and the kouki cluster got the white/yellow color bulbs with the well known vertical white stripes. If you want the cluster to be bright white like the one in the picture you need to fit white leds (like RS Yasu did) to a zenki cluster.
    I’m searching one for you now, so can’t give you a price estimate yet…

  3. Leo

    Would love to have a 220km/9k rpm cluster like this! How was this done sir?

    • banpei

      The fascia is probably taken from a European gauge cluster and the speedometer was adjusted with one from the European cluster as well. oldeskewltoy did something similar with an AW11 tachometer on his E7 gauge cluster:

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