Reverse fetish: EUDM AE86 gauge cluster in JDM car

I love to have my car look as closely to a JDM car as possible. That includes changing things like the headlights, badges and gauge cluster. I’m not alone in this since I’ve seen a lot of people on AEU86 buying JDM analogue and digi dashes for the AE86. Now seeing this picture on the :
Reverse fetish: EUDM AE86 cluster
Reverse fetish: EUDM AE86 cluster

Yes, that is a JDM cluster made to look like a EUDM spec cluster!
Since the JAF (Japanese Automobile Federation) decided in the 1970s that limiting the speedo to 180km/h would stop people from speeding influenced the Japanese to go wild on any speedo that exceeds 180km/h. I call it a reverse fetish! 😉

BTW: If you seek a real EUDM cluster, just drop me an email and I’ll try to arrange one for you! 🙂