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Webmining: Dutch brochure of the Toyota Corona RT46 panel van

This Dutch brochure scan of a Toyota Corona RT46 panel van (delivery van) shows me another prime example of reverse fetish. I collect Japanese brochures and I love to browse them every now and then. Then go through every tiny little detail and compare the trim levels with each other. Apparently the blog owner here also has the same fetish and collects brochures from overseas! Brilliant!

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Reverse Fetish: LHD Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 in Japan

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, so naturally in the US and Europe we love the JDM cars and RHD is actually a novelty. It is no different in Japan: they love USDM and EUDM car: in the past I’ve posted a few other reverse-fetishes. In this case it is all about a left hand drive (LHD) Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 at the HaCHiRoCK Festa 2008:
LHD Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86
Seen from the dash it is an USDM model (tachometer on the left, speedo in miles), the seat has the inflatable lumbar pump (as seen on the Celica XX) on the driver seat and the body style is a JDM Trueno or USDM GT-S. The source only has this particular photo so it is unclear whether an existing RHD has been converted to LHD or this car is actually a genuine USDM Toyota Corolla GT-S imported into Japan (most probably), so we’ll probably never know for sure…

Found at: Minakara

Reverse Fetish: USDM AE86 Gauge Cluster at Auctions Yahoo!

I’ve posted up a couple of reverse fetishes so far and I even posted an AE86 Gauge cluster before (which was wrongly indicated as EUDM). Japanese like overseas stuff like the Datsun 240K badges or Renault 5 Turbos. So not surprisingly this USDM AE86 Gauge cluster from a US Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86 is currently picking up some serious money on Auctions Yahoo:
Reverse Fetish: USDM AE86 Gauge cluster for sale on Auctions Yahoo
It is functional, its speedo goes all the way up to 150mph (240km/h) and it is mirrored in layout. Can you guess what the current price is???
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Reverse fetish: JDM Simca Rallye 3

Another European car in the reverse fetish: a Simca Rallye 3!
Reverse fetish: JDM Simca Rallye 3
Reverse fetish: JDM Simca Rallye 3

The Simca Rallye 3 was the last generation of the Rallye and only 1000 were made. The specs are amazing: this less than 730 kg heavy (thats the curb weight of the normal Simca Mille!) car is powered by a 1294cc engine that is capable of an output of 105ps (103hp) and is placed behind the rear wheels. It means this little package has a 35/65 front/rear weight distribution and that comes near the 911. Think about it as the original Mini made by Porsche!

To keep this tail happy package on the road the Rallye 3 was lowered, fenders were rolled out and a big spoiler on the rear was necessary for downforce:
Reverse fetish: JDM Simca Rallye 3
Reverse fetish: JDM Simca Rallye 3

The black and white theme was the original color, just as the Celica Supra/Datsun 280Z wheel design is original as well.

Imagine this little engine outputs more power than the average 1.3 liter engine nowadays:
Reverse fetish: JDM Simca Rallye 3
Reverse fetish: JDM Simca Rallye 3

Crazy! ( ???)

I can imagine why the Japanese owner of this Rallye 3 is so fond of his Eurobox. (*????*?)

Found at [K.I.Mobile]

Reverse fetish: JDM Opel Calibra

Never ever thought I would be posting about an Opel Calibra, but these two are actually very nice ones! They are JDM Opel Calibras and styled after the DTM example:
Reverse fetish: JDM Opel Calibra
Reverse fetish: JDM Opel Calibra

Both have big overfenders, GT wings, Skyline GT-R special or BBS Competition wheels and such. Of course it looks nowhere near the DTM versions, but nevertheless very nice to see what Japanese can do with Euro spec cars.

Perhaps it is the same thing as we are trying to do when we mimic our own JDM styles. (ยด?`* ))?

Found at [B1G-Blue’s Calibra DTM project]

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