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Reverse Fetish: USDM AE86 Gauge Cluster at Auctions Yahoo!

I’ve posted up a couple of reverse fetishes so far and I even posted an AE86 Gauge cluster before (which was wrongly indicated as EUDM). Japanese like overseas stuff like the Datsun 240K badges or Renault 5 Turbos. So not surprisingly this USDM AE86 Gauge cluster from a US Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86 is currently…

My Carina: Carina GT-R Cluster pin layout

This Carina GT-R AA63 Cluster has already been lying in my shed for two years now. Carina GT-R AA63 cluster cleanup: opened up Why? Well, there are three modifications I need to make: 1. Speedo cable on the wrong side, so I need to modify the cable-bracket to be mounted on the other side 2….

Reverse fetish: EUDM AE86 gauge cluster in JDM car

I love to have my car look as closely to a JDM car as possible. That includes changing things like the headlights, badges and gauge cluster. I’m not alone in this since I’ve seen a lot of people on AEU86 buying JDM analogue and digi dashes for the AE86. Now seeing this picture on the

My Carina: Carina GT-R AA63 cluster cleanup

After last weeks posting about the Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 cluster I could not leave it on the shelve anymore…So I opened it up: Carina GT-R AA63 cluster cleanup: opened up First thing I spotted under the tachometer was this: Carina GT-R AA63 cluster cleanup: check engine light The check engine light! I already thought…

My Carina: the Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 cluster

I just realized I did not post any pictures of the cluster I bought from Revolver Drift! Carina GT-R AA63 cluster After his Carina coupe got stolen he did not have any use for the cluster anymore. Of course I was interested in the cluster since the European TA60 does not have a tachometer nor…