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Carina sightings: Carina SG Coupe AA60 with digi dash!

I found this great looking Carina SG Coupe AA60 on Cardomain:
Carina SG Coupe AA60
Carina SG Coupe AA60

According to its owner the car was produced in 1988 and imported to Malaysia in 1991. Being produced in 1988 means it has been catted with a sedan VIN since the coupe was discontinued in june 1985 or it was imported and put on papers with a different build date… Either way it is still looking great for its age! ;)

Carina SG Coupe AA60
Carina SG Coupe AA60

What I really love are those deep rims! They make the car look a lot more aggresive!

Carina SG Coupe AA60
Carina SG Coupe AA60

I didn’t know the AA60 came with a digidash as well, but apparently it could have been ordered as an option. It must be original since its redline is set at 6000rpm.

Also a very nice feature according to the owner: when the car reach 105+km/h, the dash board will ring the warning “ding dong” continues until u slow down… -_-. Definitely want one now! :D

Carina SG Coupe AA60
Carina SG Coupe AA60

And what is under its bonnet nowadays? Its 1.5 liter 3A-U has been swapped for a 4AGE in june 2009! :)

Can’t wait for more updates on this car!


  1. aa63

    or could it be from the half cut where he salvaged the engine from.

  2. Anonymous

    Nice car! thanks you for sharing this information :)

    bet clic

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