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Nissan Skyline GC10 van

I love the linework of the Nissan Skyline KPGC10, I also love them on the 4 door Skyline GC10 but what I do like best are the continuing lines in the GC10 van!

As you can see in this video the lines of the coupe and 4 door saloon are sloping further up along the side of the bodywork towards the bottom of the rear lights. Looking at those lines it really looks like some designer put a lot of effort in that line work!

Compare that to several vans and wagons made nowadays, like this 2001 Baleno for instance:
You can still see the sedan in its lines
You can still see the sedan in its lines

As you can see it just looks like a sedan with a big hump on its back! You can still see the original sedan lines and its designers did not even make an attempt to continue its lines properly. Of course in the end it is all a matter of money…

So, to please your eyes again a picture of how it should be done:
Nissan Skyline GC10 van
Nissan Skyline GC10 van



  1. B-San

    A GC10 Van? Say whaaaaat?!
    I have never seen or heard that these were ever made. I believe I have a new favorite Stationwagon now. :)

  2. banpei

    They are so rare that they must be worth more than a KPGC10! :D :D

  3. B-San

    I believe even Prince sold a stationwagon version of the Skyline before Nissan bought Prince. I’ve seen C210, R30, R31 and R32 Stationwagons before the Stagea was out. But never a C10, and I’m affraid you are right that they will costs millions of Yen looking at the prices of normal Hakosuka and C110’s these days. Not to mention the GT-R models :(
    They now even made a SUV of the Skyline series!

  4. banpei

    Yes, Prince sold a station wagon before and it was called the Prince Skyway. Much better name IMO. :)

  5. Kyusha Kai

    great blog! old school jdm love is awesome.

    check this out, i think you’ll dig it!

  6. banpei

    Thanks! :)
    I did discover your blog two weeks ago and read your posting about the Stagea! Amazing how the taillights fit so nicely into the Stagea’s rear!
    Going to add it to the blogroll! ;)

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