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Smell the Mazda Cosmo AP

Some time ago I wrote about the Mazda Cosmo AP RX5 in both the popular Bosozoku style car regular and a police car chase with a Cosmo AP when I had too little Seibu Keisatsu. I just found this original Japanese Mazda Cosmo AP ad from the 1976:

I really don’t get the slogan: Now, the smell of Cosmo. I know AP stands for anti pollution so they don’t mean I am supposed to smell the unburnt petrol fumes, so do they actually think that I am supposed to smell something else, flowerlike for example, when the Cosmo AP passes?

Lucky enough it is not too hard to understand the story behind this commercial: those cops are just jealous! Even though they drive the best motorcycles of the world, deep in their heart they really want a Cosmo AP too! So, fast forward 30 years on the cop with the sideburns and mustache and see him standing in his very own Mazda Cosmo AP police special:

If you are interested, I found several other Cosmo AP advertisements:
1978 Mazda Cosmo AP advertisement
1979 Mazda Cosmo AP advertisement
1980 Mazda Cosmo AP advertisement

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  1. rx5bitch

    hi does any know where i can find rx5 1980 series 2 parts i looking for a passanger side parker beside the headlight or any of those mad bodykits im on aus rotary just contact me rx5bitch thanks for any help kev all pms welcome for any info

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