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Carina Sightings: nothing in Hungary

I’m back from holiday in Hungary and I didn’t spot any A60 Carina at all. :(

However I did spot a red A60 Celica in Szombathely and in Körmend a silver USDM AE92 Corolla GT-S (JDM version would be a Sprinter Trueno). Unfortunately both times I didn’t have my camera with me… These are the times I miss a camera on my phone. :(
I told my girlfriend that the silver AE92 would be the successor of my previous car: the good old AE86 Corolla. In fact it would be not entirely true since my good old Corolla used to be a SR5 before TE71Corolla converted it.

This is what the A60 Celica looked like:
TA60 Celica ST
But then a bit more shabby and used. Well, what would you expect from a 26 year old Celica. ;)
The Celica did feature normal rims, so no Celica Supra or Pizza Cutter rims. It also featured the first generation popup-lamps so I suspect it was a TA60 Celica ST.

This is what the AE92 Corolla GT-S looked like:
AE92 Corolla GT-S
But then in Silver of course…

I did spot some other special rwd cars, like a Nissan S14, Lada rallycar and a Datsun 1800. Maybe I’ll spot a Carina A60 next year? Who knows…


  1. AndrewGL

    “Maybe I’ll spot a Carina A60 next year? Who knows…”

    You can spot a TA62 coupe for sure, if you come to Budapest :)

  2. banpei

    It depends on the plans for next year and about how easy my son is by then, but perhaps we’ll also meet up with family in Budapest and I can break myself loose from them. ;)

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