What car did this Levin borrow its grille from?

November 8, 2011 in WTF

It is always nice to see owners mix and match parts from other cars. In this case this Levin is a mix and match of a kouki Levin (eyebrows on the headlights and bumper with wrap around indicator lights) and some grille I’ve seen before…
Corolla Levin AE86 with Mark II Grille
Now where did I see that before?? Is it from another E80 Corolla? Can’t remember the E80 ever had such a grille…

Perhaps another Toyota then? So how about this wagon then?? Read the rest of this entry →

My Carina: 86068 and diamonds grille!

January 17, 2011 in my carina

A few small updates on my Carina, I mounted a diamonds grille:
My carina: diamonds grille!
My carina: diamonds grille!

Earlier this week I finally mounted the diamonds-grille I bought from Rob (NZ) some months ago. I was only able to make pictures today. My Carina DX is suddenly upgraded to a ST! 😀
The white stripe on it is also a bit discolored, so I need to redo that soon, but nothing a rattlecan can’t fix. 😉

I also passed the 86k some days ago and today I managed to make this nice hachi-fanboy-mileage:
My carina: 86068 kilometers!
My carina: 86068 kilometers!

86068! I wanted to make a picture of my favorite combination 86063 (AE86 + AA63), but at that moment I was driving on the highway with 100km/h to my dad’s house, so that would have been a bit diffcult…

Carina grille and headlights update 2

January 13, 2008 in rust

Opened the package and found it was very well packaged:
nicely packaged by Aazuma Trading

I found that the frames of the headlights are a bit more rusted that I thought…
rusted frame
I think I’ll make a template and try either to fix it (with glassfibre or welded) or to have it copied.

But in general these double headlights don’t look too bad.
double headlights

I found the grille being cracked on several places, but not beyond repair:
cracked grille

And last but not least, the full view of the JDM AA63 grille:
Full view of JDM AA63 grille

Only thing missing now are the yellow indicators.

JDM AA63 Carina grille

December 6, 2007 in Aazuma Trading

Got the grille as well. So everything is complete now! 🙂

aa63 grille
Only lost my bid on the TA63 gauge cluster, but I won’t need upcoming year anyway so maybe better luck next time. 😉

In total it cost me 14770 yen so far, so that is with handling and without shipping to holland. Just have to see and wait how much more the shipping will be.