Remembering Japanese cars from the past

What car did this Levin borrow its grille from?

It is always nice to see owners mix and match parts from other cars. In this case this Levin is a mix and match of a kouki Levin (eyebrows on the headlights and bumper with wrap around indicator lights) and some grille I’ve seen before…
Corolla Levin AE86 with Mark II Grille
Now where did I see that before?? Is it from another E80 Corolla? Can’t remember the E80 ever had such a grille…

Perhaps another Toyota then? So how about this wagon then??
Perhaps this Mark II wagon?
That’s it: the grille of a JDM Toyota Mark II MX73 wagon!
I must say it still suits the Corolla quite well and makes it look a bit more wolf in sheep’s clothing. As I said before: more Corolla EE80ish.

Photo found at Private-Factory?ken1-power


  1. Neil Burrow

    hmmm it kinda works.

  2. Unsightly Wagon

    It’s a Cressida grill.

    • banpei

      The MX73 Cressida grille is different than this one: its sloping sides are upside down and also the logo is different.

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