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Mark II my words – AE86 Wall of Shame

It has been a while since I posted an AE86 in the AE86 Wall of Shame. It’s not that I have a shortage of content, in the contrary: I have lots of AE86 photos that may raise your eyebrows. However, I have rather more other interesting things to blog and share. Luckily, earlier this week, a friend of mine sent me this AE86 with a Mark II JZX110 front crafted on it:

Toyota Mark II JZX110 or AE86?
Toyota Mark II JZX110 or AE86?

I hope they swapped over the 1JZ engine as well!

You may think that doesn’t look too bad, but wait until you see the rear end:

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A drive through Otsuka and Koishikawa – Friday Video

This week Kamepo posted a new video of a side-by-side drive through the Otsuka and Koishikawa districts in Tokyo. I had no clue where exactly this is, but according to the map, this is part of Bunkyo and nearby the Shuto Expressway C1. That means it can’t be too far away from the centre, right?

According to the various sources I read, the Otsuka neighbourhood is transforming itself into an area with a mix of traditional Japanese culture and modern foreign influence. It’s also the last place in Tokyo where you can find tram lines. This tram line, the Toden Arakawa Line, is unfortunately not on the route driven by Kamepo.

The Koishikawa area is known for the Koishikawa Korakuen garden which hosts beautiful plum and cherry blossoms in springtime. It’s also hosting various University buildings including the University of Tokyo, which also takes care of a large botanical garden. The drive will pass the University at 3:30 in the video and the botanical garden at 4:35.

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What car did this Levin borrow its grille from?

It is always nice to see owners mix and match parts from other cars. In this case this Levin is a mix and match of a kouki Levin (eyebrows on the headlights and bumper with wrap around indicator lights) and some grille I’ve seen before…
Corolla Levin AE86 with Mark II Grille
Now where did I see that before?? Is it from another E80 Corolla? Can’t remember the E80 ever had such a grille…

Perhaps another Toyota then? So how about this wagon then?? Continue reading

Random: beautifully rebuilt Toyota Mark II RX12

While JNC blog is still offline I started to search for the answer why the blog is offline on their forum. While doing so I stumbled upon RSilva’s beautifully restored Mark II:
Beautifully rebuilt Toyota Mark II RX12
Beautifully rebuilt Toyota Mark II RX12

The photography is astonishing: the retro look really fits both the model and the car! The photographer is probably either him or a family member since they share partly the same name. You can find more pictures of this beautiful Mark II either in the topic on JNC forum or on Filipe da Silva’s portfolio .

Carina sightings: spot the Carina A60!

According to the poster of this original 80s footage it should contain a Carina A6.
So, let’s spot the Carina!

It could be at 0:19 or at 0:44 or at 1:03, but IMO all three cars are the same Mark II GX61 Hardtop coupe. Taillights are definitely not Carina and match more or less this Mark II:
Mark II GX61 Hardtop coupe
I must say that they look quite the same so I understand the mix up.

Video is a bit boring nowadays while back then it was supreme action. Maybe we’re getting used to all that D1 action from Jaan. Nice stock AE86 and Skyline RS-Turbo R30 though!

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