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JDM AA63 Carina double headlights

Just got these two parts through

JDM AA63 Carina double headlights
JDM AA63 Carina double headlights
JDM AA63 Carina double headlights surround
JDM AA63 Carina double headlights surround

They are already paid for and will be picked up hopefully this week. Then I have to wait for the grille auction to end as well (somewhere tomorrow) and hopefully everything can be shipped after that. :)


  1. HKS

    Hi! Where can i order these headlamps? I have a a63 with single headlamps but those can not compare with the dubble lamp edition :)

  2. banpei

    I bought them from, but I wouldn’t reccomend it: the shipping was way too expensive in retrospect.
    But maybe I know someone who got them in Australia and maybe that’s a better deal. ;)

  3. hks

    Ok:) If you could find som double headlights or any other styling parts to the Toyota aa63 model you could send me an e mail at [email protected].

  4. AA60

    hey man i like the set u got could u help me out too cuz i basically need the entire set up main grill,fog lights and indicators with the grill plz email anilsagar09@yahoo. i dont know japanese so i cant use

  5. spideguy

    I have a carina AA60 with double headlights …where can i get the park lights to buy?thats the small light in between the two headlamp….? email me at [email protected] its hard to find

  6. banpei

    Well, you’re in luck! I do have an extra set of park lights:
    So, you have email! :)

  7. chanaka prasad

    Hi! Where can i order these headlamps? pries $

    • banpei

      You can find them now and then through Auctions Yahoo and use a man-in-the-middle to bid, receive and ship them to your doorstep.
      Currently there are, unfortunately, no headlamps for sale through Auctions Yahoo.

  8. Mehmet Karaciga

    Iyi gunler bana bu far lazim sag ve sol olmak uzere bir takim bana facebook tan ulasabilirsiniz

    • banpei

      Hi Mehmet,
      What headlights do you seek?

      • dilan

        hii we need aa60 headlamp. if you able to find pls call 0094766063700

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