Remembering Japanese cars from the past

My Carina: 86068 and diamonds grille!

A few small updates on my Carina, I mounted a diamonds grille:
My carina: diamonds grille!
My carina: diamonds grille!

Earlier this week I finally mounted the diamonds-grille I bought from Rob (NZ) some months ago. I was only able to make pictures today. My Carina DX is suddenly upgraded to a ST! :D
The white stripe on it is also a bit discolored, so I need to redo that soon, but nothing a rattlecan can’t fix. ;)

I also passed the 86k some days ago and today I managed to make this nice hachi-fanboy-mileage:
My carina: 86068 kilometers!
My carina: 86068 kilometers!

86068! I wanted to make a picture of my favorite combination 86063 (AE86 + AA63), but at that moment I was driving on the highway with 100km/h to my dad’s house, so that would have been a bit diffcult…

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  1. jotoa

    Pretty cool front you have there :D

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