Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Japanese rustoseums (part eightteen)

Time for a bit more rust on the blog! This time a bunch of abandoned kaido racers: a Toyota Crown MS125, Nissan Leopard F30 and a Nissan Skyline C210.

Let’s kick off with the Crown:
Abandoned Toyota Crown MS125 kaido racer
Abandoned Toyota Crown MS125 kaido racer

Once a major icon of the whole kaido racer scene, but nowadays just sitting around in a grassy field…

The Leopard appears to be quite complete:
Abandoned Nissan Leopard F30 kaido racer
Abandoned Nissan Leopard F30 kaido racer

However the wider FRP front fenders are unpainted and contrast with the rest of the car. Perhaps an abandoned project when the kaido racers got out of fashion in Japan?

Last, but not least, the Skyline C210:
Abandoned Nissan Skyline C210 kaido racer
Abandoned Nissan Skyline C210 kaido racer

It blends nicely with the rubbiish around, but actually this kaido racer is a real piece of art: it has custom widened fenders, swapped (double square) headlights, a big spoiler on the trunk and some yellow bamboo spears sticking out meters behind the rear of the car. And I’m sure I’ve seen it on one of the pictures on my harddisk before…

Found at [Minkara


  1. Nigel

    The “Japan” looks like it is only parked there.
    The billet mask on the Crown is very cool.

  2. OsakaCarSalvageArtiste

    The Japanese have a habit of throwing out perfectly good stuff, be it cars, bikes, or electronics. I dont buy umbrellas in Japan because so many just get left around on railings or just thrown aside.
    To see a beautiful F30 Leopard and most tragically, an MS125 CROWN, is horrible.
    Where are these old kaido gems?
    It would give me great pleasure to maybe get permission from the city or town where they are and bring them back to life.

  3. Fujimoto

    hi , i may look strange but were you born in japan or did you moved to japan ? i am thinking about doing the move someday but i would like to know about someones experience . we ear a lot of things about japan but are they all true ? anyway if you are interested in sharing your experience write me at [email protected]

  4. Dennis

    Ouwsome cars !!!

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