ITT2012: loose ends

July 24, 2012 in Events by banpei

My final ITT 2012 post and after that I’m done with the interesting photos from this great festival. 😉

So first of all there was a large German delegation from the Toyota Oldies site where the owner brought his rare Toyota Tercel Snow 4WD (AL25):
ITT: Toyota Tercel Snow 4WD

I just love the snow branding on the Tercel:
ITT: Toyota Tercel Snow 4WD
Just feels like Toyota was trying to convince potential Tercel buyers who were scared to spin out during winter to buy this car instead. 😀

From the same era was this perfectly restored Celica RA61:
ITT: Celica XT RA61
The car was for sale, but its “has been valued over 12000 euros” sign told me enough: nice to be in a museum but out of reach for anyone else…

Another beautiful car was this imported and restored Corolla coupe KE35:
ITT: Toyota Corolla coupe KE35
It does feature the world’s ugliest hubcaps but apart from that I would own it any day!

Last but not least this Crown wagon MS50:
ITT: Toyota Crown wagon MS50
A fun fact is that the rear window reclines in the rear door which also opens sideways.
Perfectly restored only a couple of years ago and this car only drives a few hundred kilometers per year.

That’s it from this years Internationaal Toyota Treffen. Next year the regular JCS will be held again.