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Friday Video: two hours non-stop 90s drifting

Mr Yumio at Youtube just uploaded his private drift videos from 1990 till 1993. Half of the content takes place at local drift events but the other half is shot on various touges. You really can see how things evolved since this early 90s drifting!
Friday Video: non-stop 90s drifting
It is interesting to observe in this video that most cars at the touge are old “disposable” cars. For instance the Nissan Skyline R30 and Toyota Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno AE86 are popular cars. At the circuit a lot of new cars can be seen: Mazda RX7 FC, Nissan Silvia S13, Nissan 180SX, Eunos Roadster and a Toyota Soarer Z30. Still the AE86 is ubiquitous at the circuit as well.

Other extraordinary cars seen at the touge are: Nissan Skyline GT-R PGC10, Isuzu Piazza, Isuzu Gemini PF60 and a hot Nissan Sunny B310. At the circuit the most odd thing is a second generation Honda CRX SiR drifting in reverse!

I bet you can’t wait to spend the remainder of your Friday afternoon watching this video: Continue reading

Keiichi Tsuchiya pre freshman series touge video (early 80s)

Do you remember this picture of the Drift King?
Two Keiichi Tsuchiyas?
Two Keiichi Tsuchiyas?

I posted that picture of Keiichi Tsuchiya in his younger years half a year ago. Back then I judged from his glasses that it shot was before he did the Pluspy video and now I got proof of that! A new rogue video of Keiichi drifing in the early 80s emerged where he drifts several cars (including a Corolla TE37, Sunny B210 and a Skyline C110!) on his home touge and he does wear the very same glasses:
Keiichi Tsuchiya rogue video
Keiichi Tsuchiya rogue video

Unfortunately the user who posted it on Youtube did not allow the video to be embedded, so you will have to do with the screenshot above. To watch the video go here:
Keiichi Tsuchiya drifting touges before his freshman series

Carina sightings: Carina AA63 sedan early morning touge practice

I found this Toyota Carina AA63 sedan caught on celluloid doing an early morning touge practice on Minkara:
Carina AA63 morning practice at a touge
Carina AA63 morning practice at a touge

I love the smell of rubber in the morning!
Just a damn beautiful sight!

Here is another one from the same corner/angle:
Carina AA63 morning practice at a touge
Carina AA63 morning practice at a touge

Those SSR Longchamps look great on the Carina. Anyone got a set for sale? :P

This is how the Carina looks close by:
Carina AA63 morning practice at a touge
Carina AA63 morning practice at a touge

I’d swap it for mine anytime! ;)

You can find the Carina here: White Carina AA63 sedan @ Minkara

Carina sightings: Carina AA63 versus Trueno AE86

Now this is nice for a change: a Toyota Carina AA63 and a Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 drifting on a touge near Sagamiko in 1997! You can see the Carina after 1:56:

The AE86 driver clearly has a lot of skill: he drifts those corners exactly as Keiichi Tsuchya would have done in his AE86 back in 1997! He also drifts as skillful both uphill and downhill and both during day and night!

The Carina driver is not that skilled: he spins out 3 out of 4 times. On the other hand you can see him having engine trouble at the end of the video. According to ae86lan the Carina had a stock exhaust with a rust hole in it, so that is the source of that nice sound. :D

Old footage: Touge drifting in 1992

I posted some old footage of touge drifting in 1996 before, but now found some more vintage videos from the early 90s. This was years before Shuichi Shigeno even moved his pencil enough to create Initial D!

The drifting looks very skilled for those days. Even though we are used to much higher speeds 17 years later it still looks quite fast drifting for an AE86 drifting uphill! The music kind of reminds me of the terrible music they used for all anime openings early 90s! Somehow I’m glad they did not use this type of music for Initial D. :D

The second video has a better taste in music:

In the second video they are drifting uphill again. That brings me to another thing: why are they drifting uphill? Isn’t it much better to drift downhill?

Apart from drifting uphill: I see some very nice drifts and some other cars than the AE86: a B310, a TE71 and a KP61. Ah, can’t we just go back to the 90s when the amount of horsepower didn’t matter that much?

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