Old footage: Touge drifting in 1992

Old footage: Touge drifting in 1992

I posted some old footage of touge drifting in 1996 before, but now 86ers.org found some more vintage videos from the early 90s. This was years before Shuichi Shigeno even moved his pencil enough to create Initial D!

The drifting looks very skilled for those days. Even though we are used to much higher speeds 17 years later it still looks quite fast drifting for an AE86 drifting uphill! The music kind of reminds me of the terrible music they used for all anime openings early 90s! Somehow I’m glad they did not use this type of music for Initial D. 😀

The second video has a better taste in music:

In the second video they are drifting uphill again. That brings me to another thing: why are they drifting uphill? Isn’t it much better to drift downhill?

Apart from drifting uphill: I see some very nice drifts and some other cars than the AE86: a B310, a TE71 and a KP61. Ah, can’t we just go back to the 90s when the amount of horsepower didn’t matter that much?

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  1. I guess its the fact that drifting uphill is somehow ‘safer’ as compared to drifting downhills, I mean, here in Malaysia, that’s what our local touge drifters (beginners) do, uphill first, then downhill later (once skills refined)

  2. Since I only drive on flat roads (The Netherlands is about as flat as a pancake) I never realized that. So it makes sense though! 😀

  3. whoa man look at those cars, they were so NICE (no scratches, no damage, nice sound) i would pay to be there just watching around

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