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Sorry looking TA60 Carina

I found this sorry looking Carina during lunchbreak…

sorry looking Carina TA60
Bumper appear to be from some other car than the Carina. Same goes for the lights but those are probably not alighned properly due to the bumper and hood. Perhaps a parking incident? :P

sorry looking Carina TA60
Big dent with rust on left front fender.

sorry looking Carina TA60
Interior appears to be present for only 60%

I think I saw the Corona in the photobucket account somewhere else, but I can’t remember where… If I can find it I will definitely post it here.

You can find more pictures here:

Toyota Carina DX TA60 for sale in Holland

I saw this immaculate blue Toyota Carina DX TA60 for sale earlier this week on Marktplaats. I decided to put it up here because it is in mint condition!!

Just have a look how clean this Carina is:
Front view of the immaculate blue Toyota Carina DX TA60 for sale on Marktplaats
Rear view of the immaculate blue Toyota Carina DX TA60 for sale on Marktplaats
This Carina only drove 37000 kilometers, so it is not surprisingly this car is in such good condition! Only the rims are the ugly factory rims… But a set of Celica Supra rims would solve than immediately. ;)

Same goes for the interior of the car:
Blue interior frontside Toyota Carina DX TA60 for sale on Marktplaats
Blue interior rear Toyota Carina DX TA60 for sale on Marktplaats
Amazing! It is cleaner than my Carina!! It only lacks seatbelts in the rear of the car, otherwise I would that given it a thought upon swapping the car for mine! :)

Only the price is a bit steep: 4000 euros!

Anyone wants to buy mine for 4500 euros then?? It’s got Celica Supra rims and rear seatbelts, so it is definitely worth more than this one! :P

Carina sightings: Austrian Carina GL on Flickr

I found this Carina GL TA60 on Flickr and I suspect it is from Austria. I really like the coloring by the photographer and I think it is called Fuji Colorshift (it is in an album called like that).
Nice colored Austrian Carina GL

Apparently the GL had a better trim than the DX: it features a backseat with raised headrests instead of the flat backseat my DX has…
Carina GL with more expensive back seat

Perhaps I should look for a GL backseat in Austria then! :)

TA40 pedalbox arrived!

The TA40 pedalbox has arrived yesterday!

TA40 pedals

Unfortunately Mark totalled his Celica TA40 and a lot of parts were salvagable. Lucky for me the TA40 pedalbox, master break and clutch cylinders were in perfect condition!

I bought the set because when converting from auto I’m in need of a clutch pedal. Since the TA40 and TA60 have the same bottom the pedalbox should be a perfect fit!

Thanks again for going through all trouble Mark!

Konis have arrived!

Finally my Koni shocks have arrived!

I only ordered the front shocks as replacement for my broken shocks. The shocks are the same as AE86 since the struts of the AE86 and the TA6x and AA6x are exactly the same.

The picture shows a full set, which is intended to be sold through the AEU86 shop.
koni shocks

When Mux is finally replacing his rear Konis I’ll try to see if they also fit the TA60 live axle. :)

Google translations: finish your relationship!

I was viewing this awesome auction on Auctions Yahoo Japan and tried to find out what it all said…

Toyota AA63 Carina on

Apparently the car has only driven 44184 km, that’s even less than mine!! It has power windows, central locking, aircon, etc… All the things my car lacks. Apart from that the car appears to be in awesome state.

Toyota AA63 Carina on

Anyway, the google translation isn’t that good. If I wouldn’t know better I would definetly not buy the car (well, I wouldn’t be able to because I don’t have the funds to get the car here anyway):

The body itself is a rust, but most of the trunk is a little rust, has been floating. ????????????? In places, and also to be included. ??????????? Now check the car are very welcome.

Not particulary very comforting words. :P

Repair calendar, but the car guy to look at me at probably no repair and that is, is known exactly, do not know, please.

So it is known exactly, however on the other hand not…

And the questions asked to the seller are even better!

Question 2 ???: onevia_na_827 ( 10 ? Author: onevia_na_827 (10) 12? 13? 1? 25? December 13, 1:25
????????? Excuse me in the night. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Summary amount as soon as this week or next week to look at the current car, but I bought IN summarily How much are you planning to? ???????????????????????????? And now the car or failure is no explanation other than you?
??2 Answer 2 ???: tsuzakijp ? 195 ? (???) Author: tsuzakijp (195) (exhibitor) 12? 13? 17? 10? December 13 17:10
?????????????????????????? Unfortunately, it was summarily station, in mind. ????????????? Please finish your relationship. ?????????????????? So where failure is not recur.

So… Finish your relationship and buy the car? I’d rather not…

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