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Brochures: 1971 Suzuki Fronte LC10 II Stingray Sports kit

Even before Suzuki released the Suzuki Fronte Coupe they already made the existing (facelifted) Suzuki Fronte LC10 II (as known as the Stingray) look more sporty with this sports kit:
Suzuki Fronte LC10 II Stingray sports kit
I must say this Sukuki Fronte LC10 SSS really looks bad ass!

As the SSS already had a very potent 36hp engine (not bad for a 360cc air cooled engine!) so the sports kit only included exterior and interior upgrades: Continue reading

Picture of the week: cutaway Suzuki Fronte Coupe LC10W

The Suzuki Fronte Coupe LC10W (predecessor of the Suzuki Cervo) is a beautifully designed car by Giugiaro and it gets even better in this cutaway picture from the original 1972 brochure:
Cutaway Suzuki Front Coupe 1972
Imagine the work and effort taken to draw this picture: back in 1972 there was no Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. And even today with Photoshop it would be a gigantic effort to draw anything like this!

Found at: Suzuki Cervo history

Kei-car fun!

I found this video about a historical kei-car race some time ago on youtube. The drivers are having a lot of fun with their kei-cars in the rain and it does have a lot of action in it!

The race is viewed from a Suzuki Fronte Coupe (better known as the Cervo outside Japan) and since this car is a RR setup the driver really has problems finding enough grip in this race. He isn’t the only one: another car has crashed into the wall at 0:52. And at 2:30 he almost knocks off his rear view mirror while recovering from going sideways and at 2:49 when he barely avoids collision with a Subaru R-2 spinning around!

Who said old kei-cars are no fun at all? ;)

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