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Commercial Time: wacky Nissan Sunny LePrix B11

These wacky Nissan Sunny LePrix B11 ads give you the impression they actually featured in a detective series like Seibu Keisatsu. However, they don’t. It’s all made up. The actors in the commercials are Keiko Matsuzaka and Saburo Tokito. Coincidentally both actors played in The Gate of Youth (Seishun no mon) but this was totally unrelated to these ads.

Wacky Nissan Sunny LePrix ads

It looks like Nissan chose to launch the Nissan Sunny LePrix with some wacky ads. Keiko and Saburo are dressed up like they would feature a detective or action series. Keiko’s catsuit reminds me of Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) in The Avengers. The ads are done in a similar tongue in cheek way.

First ad: Keiko and Saburo with Tommy guns

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Commercial Time: Nissan Sunny and Stanza ad goof up

This 1983 Nissan Sunny B11 ad is a real gem: 30-ish female person is tied up on a half sunken boat and almost gets eaten by an inflatable rubber alligator while two bad guys in white suits and white hats (both a Panama) watch it happen and cheer on the inflatable rubber alligator:
Commercial Time: Nissan Sunny B11
Then she shouts for help from Sunny and a Nissan Sunny B11 Turbo sedan rushes in and the guy saves the day.

This obviously would make a fine commercial in Japan in the early 80s and would make a horrible vintage cult classic nowadays. However keep in mind that in the very same year Nissan promoted the Nissan Stanza T11 in Japan with the following family in a Stanza:
Commercial Time: Nissan Stanza T11
Yes, both father and son are wearing the very same white suits and very same white hats (also both a Panama).

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Down on the Street: Nissan Sunny Coupé

On my way to work one early morning four weeks ago I spotted this 1985 Nissan Sunny B11 Coupé parked down the road:
Nissan Sunny B11 Coupé
It looked stunning as just as if it had left the dealership only two weeks ago! Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated but for a 26 year old car it is remarkably well preserved!

The Nissan Sunny B11 Coupé was the predecessor of the B310 Coupé. It was the first generation of the FWD Sunny and naturally the A15 was replaced for the E15 engine. Given the 55kW specification for this car in the Dutch car register it most probably features the E15S engine.

As you can see it is also for sale: Continue reading

DOTS: Nissan Sunny B11 van

I spotted this rare Sunny B11 van some time ago near the place where I shot the Eclipse and the mysterious old racecar. Since I didn’t have a camera at hand I was unable to take a picture of it. Naturally when I returned with a camera it had disappeared in thin air…

So last week I was very happy to see it parked just a block away from where I spotted it initially!
1987 Nissan Sunny B11 van
The Sunny is a 1987 van and back then Nissan sold, unlike Toyota did with the Corolla wagon, the current generation wagon for heavy duty purposes. But why? If it were rear wheel drive and has extra weight into the back of the car it would have benefited a lot for the drivability of the car. Nevertheless it should have been quite capable of doing its job.

As you can see this wagon has four door and a rear seat and a separated compartment of its load: Continue reading

DOTS: Fungilicious Nissan Cherry N12

Some time ago I was cycling around my hometown and passing some buildings with a huge fence around it and I took this picture:
What is that behind all that bokeh?
What is that behind all that bokeh?

Now what is hiding behind all that bokeh?

It is a fungilicious Sunny B11Cherry N12:
Nissan Cherry N12 covered in fungus!
Nissan Cherry N12 covered in fungus!

Now that was a nice surprise!

Nissan Cherry N12 covered in fungus!
Nissan Cherry N12 covered in fungus!

I had to climb all the way up here to take a picture of that car. From the road the car was hardly visible.

Nissan Cherry N12 covered in fungus!
Nissan Cherry N12 covered in fungus!

Apparently I was cycling on a road behind some wrecking yards and the one specialized in Mercedes Benz delivery vans did not really have the use for a Nissan Cherry N12 and just put it on top of a pile of rusty old vans. The car must have been there for ages now since it is gathering all this fungus… I hardly wish to know how much of that stuff is actually inside as well. 🙁

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