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DOTS: Nissan Sunny B11 van

I spotted this rare Sunny B11 van some time ago near the place where I shot the Eclipse and the mysterious old racecar. Since I didn’t have a camera at hand I was unable to take a picture of it. Naturally when I returned with a camera it had disappeared in thin air…

So last week I was very happy to see it parked just a block away from where I spotted it initially!
1987 Nissan Sunny B11 van
The Sunny is a 1987 van and back then Nissan sold, unlike Toyota did with the Corolla wagon, the current generation wagon for heavy duty purposes. But why? If it were rear wheel drive and has extra weight into the back of the car it would have benefited a lot for the drivability of the car. Nevertheless it should have been quite capable of doing its job.

As you can see this wagon has four door and a rear seat and a separated compartment of its load:
1987 Nissan Sunny B11 van
No idea what its current owner does with it. Maybe it is a handyman and he/she is still utilizing it…


  1. James kpangbala

    I want to buy this car. I live in Liberia

    • banpei

      It is not mine and it was parked somewhere down the street.

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