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Nissan Sunny GTi-R statistics – How many are left?

The Nissan Sunny / Pulsar GTi-R is a homologation special for Group A rallying by Nissan. Nissan had to sell 5000 cars with the same engine as the rally car to fulfil the requirements for homologation. Nissan planned to use the SR20DET as the designated engine and permanent four-wheel-drive as their drivetrain. The combination led to a small pocket rocket that was able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds. The GTi-R was sold overseas under the Sunny branding, while in Japan it was sold under the Pulsar branding.

Nissan Pulsar GTi-R Group A rally car
Nissan Pulsar GTi-R Group A rally car

In the past, I did cover the Sunny / Pulsar GTi-R and I found it quite an impressive little car! I encountered one down on the street in 2015 and I even created two videos about this GTi-R and I’ll add them to the post below. When I recently started doing the How many are left series, I was curious how many GTi-Rs are left on the Dutch roads.

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Down on the Street: insane Nissan Sunny GTI-R

Everything about this Nissan Sunny GTi-R is insane and I’m not only referring to the specifications of the car! I covered this GTI-R a few years ago with a couple of photos but back then I was ignorant of its importance. As I had to pass this car every other day I decided to collect some more footage this time:
Down on the Street: Nissan Sunny GTI-R
On the Dutch licence registration page the information told me it had been registered officially as a Sunny 2.0 GTI-R van. Wait a minute: someone was able to register a Nissan Sunny GTI-R as a van in 1993?

The video

Enjoy my homage to the Nissan Sunny GTI-R below that I created using the footage I collected during some five to six times passing by:

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Carina Sightings: Flyrat SR20DET Carina TA63

Back in September 1982 the 3T-GTE powered Carina TA63 succeeded the 18R-G powered RA63 and during the whole production run this Carina was considered as the top of the line. The 3T-GTE propelled the Carina into almost supercar-like performance!
Flyrat SR20DET Carina TA63
Nowadays the 160hp 3T-GTE performance resembles more like the average 1.8 litre engine in your Ford Focus wagon and I can really understand this TA63 was in need for a new and better performing engine.

Not so great for the Toyota purists, but the previous owner swapped out the 3T-GTE for a Nissan SR20DET: Continue reading

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