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Commerical time: Yes, be pop with your Corsa!

When I saw this commercial my first thought was that the title was wrong: it looks like a zenki AE86 Sprinter Trueno front end in the first seconds, but then I saw the rear… Oh my… That resembled the third generation Daihatsu Charade!

Yes, be pop with your Corsa! Or Tercel for the non-Japanese residents!

This third generation Corsa featured a 3E-TELU powered GP Turbo model that was clearly marketed as a little sister of the Trueno. In power it actually may have been (almost) equal to the AE86, but it drivetrain was unfortunate in the 80s FF fashion… Otherwise it may have been a candidate to be the Starlet KP61 sucessor!

Hilarious: hachi roku (AE86) day!

Happy Hachi Roku day! :)

Like you probably know or already read/heard it is today hachi roku day!
What is hachi roku day then? From Japanese hachi translates into 8, roku into 6 so in other words: 86. Today it is August sixth. Get it? If you are from Europe probably not, but in Japan and the US this date reads 8-6, hence it is hachi roku day today! ;)

To celebrate hachi roku day I have some funny AE86 videos for you today! Let’s kick off with the AE86 dry run:

So how about a Corolla E80 FWD vs RWD commercial comparison? South African FWD:

vs US RWD:

If it were for the moonwalks alone I’d surely pick the FWD!

Now how about the epic old man George doing donuts?

And to prove the hachi roku can also be cute:

hachirokuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :D
I think I still have to give some education on my son: he claims my Carina is a racecar (yay!) but he can’t say roku-rei yet!

Japanese rustoseums (part fourteen)

How can anyone leave a beautiful Mazda Luce Rotary gather dust and rust?
(R/D)usty Mazda Luce Rotary (RX4)
(R/D)usty Mazda Luce Rotary (RX4)

Judging from the amount of stuff around the Luce Rotary it must have been there for ages! There is even a pair of hedge shears on top of it! Apparently the owner of this RX4 didn’t have the time to repair or rebuild it, so it is currently gathering great amounts of dust and other junk!

This rusty Sprinter Trueno TE27 is also gathering a lot, but not dust! It is gathering plants:
Rusty Toyota Sprinter Trueno TE27
Rusty Toyota Sprinter Trueno TE27

How can you let such a rare car rust away? The foliage is even growing through the trunk outside! Apparently someone thought it would be fruitful to park his old Trueno in his front yard and hope its 2T-G will grow by itself!

Last but not least, behold the rust on this Daihatsu Mira L70:
Daihatsu Mira L70
Daihatsu Mira L70

There is nothing fancy about this car, but I thought the massive amount of rust looked kind of beautiful!

Found at Toyota80’s and White peach’s photozou.

Initial D: Bunta has sold the Toyota Ipsum

I came accross this image on Mattari’s blog and it reminded me of the Toyota Ipsum posting I made a year ago…
Initial D replica in front of the Tofu Shop
Initial D replica in front of the Tofu Shop

Too bad the video has been removed now… In a nutshell: it contained another Fujiwara Tofu replica parked in front of the tofu shop and in the background a Toyota Ipsum (Picnic outside Japan) was parked next to the tofu shop on the same spot the AE86 used to be parked… So apparently Bunta has sold the Ipsum! :D

Anyway, below this picture there was a whole (2chan) thread copied in which a couple of users wrote a funny Initial D spoof! I advice you to go to Mattari’s blog and read the whole story (with Google Translate for instance)! ;)
???????!! `?_?~*^
? ??????????
????? ( ´?`)
????? / ??_?
???? ?'(?)

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