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HachiRock 2010

HachiRock 2010 has been announced! This year it will be held on the 19th of September, so that is about one week later than last year. Of course it will be at the same spot: the Sagamiko resort
HachiRock Festa 2010
HachiRock Festa 2010

The poster is yet again extrodinary beautiful: a SD (Super Deformed) kouki Trueno with deep dish SSR Mk IIIs doing some drifts! Just as great as last years Panda red Levin

Because last year was sold out months before they raised the total amount of cars from 250 to 270, not that it will help much: I expect it to be sold out soon! ;)

If you are near Tokyo this September this is definitely a meeting you should go to! See here for more info: HachiRock 2010 website

Video: Trueno and Levin N2 cup in 1985

I’ve been watching Youtube user Rocketpencil for some time now. He is already quite known for uploading old racing footage from the 80s and 90s!

He just uploaded one of the best videos so far: a 15 lap Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno N2 cup race on Fuji International Speedway in 1985!

This second round of the Corolla/Sprinter cup does not show Keiichi Tsuchya and I have no idea if he actually drove this cup. I do know he drove the AE86 in the All Japan Touring Car championship, so there is a big possibility that he actually drove this race as well. At least he doesn’t show up in the top 5…

Video: 21 years ago on the 1989 Tokyo Auto Salon…

21 years ago on the 1989 Tokyo Auto Salon when the Nissan Silvia S13, Mazda RX7 FC, Nissan Skyline R31, Toyota Supra JZA70, Nissan 300ZX Z31 were still fresh and tuned to the max:

My favorite is definitely the Advan Super Silhouette inspired replica @5:30!

Now compare that to the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon:

Quite a difference, right! :P

Also note the Nissan Skyline R32 is missing here! The R32 debuted in May 1989 (press release) and was only for sale in July that year. So naturally it was absent on the Auto Salon…

Video: the KE70 and AE86 mosquito squad

Both jrotaro and ae86lan posted videos of their drift runs on the Ebisu drift festival. This one is onboard a KE70 (obviously with no K engine under the hood anymore) showing the mad angles of this 4A-GE mosquito squad:

The last runs the KE70 acts as a referee car when the red Levin and blue Trueno go head to head against each other. The Trueno may look a bit boro, but leaving the third door in the pit is quite common nowadays. ;)

This video by ae86lan shows his drift skills in the KE70:

Clearly he needs to clean his windshield before recording a video. :P

And a last video with more mosquito action from jrotaro onboard a white Trueno:

Video: Trueno – Sexy Cruising In Europe

Yesterday I already posted the Levin video that was posted on HR Blog earlier this week. I promised a follow up, so here it is: the Toyota Sprinter Trueno variant of the same video! D.O posted this additional video on AEU86.

Rally drivers Per Eklund and Klaus Fritzinger drive the Sprinter on the Nurburgring, Zandvoort and Spa again (only the order is a bit different).

This video is even better than the Levin video: the Trueno video shows even more sideways action than the Levin video. Who said Keiichi Tsuchiya and Initial D were the ones to popularize drifting? I think it rather was Toyota with this video! It is a beautiful sight how the panda red Trueno and white Levin do a tandem drift on Spa Francorchamps!

I also spotted a Carina on Spa Francorchamps at @5:41 where Fritzinger talks about the zenki Sprinter Trueno performance. At first I thought he was holding the zenki Trueno catalogue, but when I double checked I found out that pictures of this trip were used in that catalogue, so that wasn’t possible… What was he holding then?

To complete the whole video, the Sexy Sprinter song at the end makes you feel you are back in the 80s again. The echoes of the squealing tires make me want to watch Shuto Trials again! :P

Only the choice for the title of the video is a bit weird IMO. Nowadays it would definitely have a very different meaning. :D

Hilarious: do a dry run in your AE86

We all did it once: doing a dry drift run. I did it as well: try out that heel-to-toe technique when standing still. Do a clutch kick without the risk of damaging your clutch. Do a quick up- and downshift without the chance hearing of grinding teeth from your gearbox. A very effective and safe way of learning to know your car.

But what if you are actually on a circuit and have blown your engine to bits and still want to enjoy your car? Well, you make videos like this:

I must say this guy is quite good in mimicking the 16v 4AGE and the T50 gearshifts! It kind of reminded me of this guy imitating an “import car” with his mouth. Maybe he watched Initial D a bit too much? :P

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