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Initial D: Bunta has sold the Toyota Ipsum

I came accross this image on Mattari’s blog and it reminded me of the Toyota Ipsum posting I made a year ago…
Initial D replica in front of the Tofu Shop
Initial D replica in front of the Tofu Shop

Too bad the video has been removed now… In a nutshell: it contained another Fujiwara Tofu replica parked in front of the tofu shop and in the background a Toyota Ipsum (Picnic outside Japan) was parked next to the tofu shop on the same spot the AE86 used to be parked… So apparently Bunta has sold the Ipsum! :D

Anyway, below this picture there was a whole (2chan) thread copied in which a couple of users wrote a funny Initial D spoof! I advice you to go to Mattari’s blog and read the whole story (with Google Translate for instance)! ;)
???????!! `?_?~*^
? ??????????
????? ( ยด?`)
????? / ??_?
???? ?'(?)


  1. Bastiaan Olij

    I’ve always wondered. Was that shop there before the manga, or did someone decide to build a tofu shop based on the manga?

    And if the first, did the tofu shop owner know about his shop being used and did he suddenly become a tofu overnight success?

  2. banpei

    Shuichi Shigeno located the manga in his hometown, Haruna, and drew several scenes from there. Also the gasstation is also an existing location. ;)

    I’m sure the tofu shop owner does know about it since his shop was already in a live-action movie remember? And of course he will get at least one fanboy visit every day:

    Toyota Ipsum (picnic) next to Fujiwara Tofu shop
    Toyota Ipsum (picnic) next to Fujiwara Tofu shop

    Picture was found here

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