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Initial D: Bunta has sold the Toyota Ipsum

I came accross this image on Mattari’s blog and it reminded me of the Toyota Ipsum posting I made a year ago…
Initial D replica in front of the Tofu Shop
Initial D replica in front of the Tofu Shop

Too bad the video has been removed now… In a nutshell: it contained another Fujiwara Tofu replica parked in front of the tofu shop and in the background a Toyota Ipsum (Picnic outside Japan) was parked next to the tofu shop on the same spot the AE86 used to be parked… So apparently Bunta has sold the Ipsum! :D

Anyway, below this picture there was a whole (2chan) thread copied in which a couple of users wrote a funny Initial D spoof! I advice you to go to Mattari’s blog and read the whole story (with Google Translate for instance)! ;)
???????!! `?_?~*^
? ??????????
????? ( ยด?`)
????? / ??_?
???? ?'(?)

Initial D: that’s why Takumi’s cupholder is up front!

I was browsing some videos on Youtube and came across this Japanese Candid Camera gag (at least that’s what I think it is) putting some celebrity in a Fire Cola commercial where the taxi driver drives Takumi style with a Toyota Crown S130:

Yep, all the cola end up on that poor celebrity! Again and again, and again, and again, and again … until some very well known cop arrives on the scene in Seibu Keisatsu style. :D

As you can see, it is very difficult to keep even a cup of Cola in your hands when the driver is doing 180s and you are sitting in the back. That’s why Takumi has his cupholders up front and not in the back! ;)

Initial D: I love cookies

Funny to see how far you can go with merchandising and squeeze every drop of money out of a cashcow like Initial D:
Initial D milk flavored cookies
Initial D milk flavored cookies

Kodansha did a really good job here: some sesame cookies rebranded as Initial D merchandise? That’s pretty desperate!

And they even have chocolate flavored cookies:
Initial D chocolate flavored cookies
Initial D chocolate flavored cookies

I mean: what has a drifting Corolla Levin AE86 to do with cookies?

If it would have contained something like deep fried tofu I would have understood the product…
Initial D cookies backside
Initial D cookies backside

At least the backside is a bit matching: it has Itsuki handing a cookie to Takumi… Or could it have been something else under that Kodansha sticker???

Initial D: Useless merchandising

Was browsing on Amazon and Ebay and it amazed me there was a huge amount of useless merchandising for Initial D fans. And I don’t mean useless merchandising like some tofu sticker to stick on your wannabe tofuboy Silvia S12 with panda paint scheme. Here is my top 3 useless merchandising:

On number three:
useless initial d merchandising on ebay: poker card deck
Initial D Playing poker card deck

Of course you can play poker with this, but not without being laughed at! And what is the deal with the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 being the Joker?? Is this a joke??

On number two:
useless initial d merchandising on Amazon: plush 12 inch trueno
Initial D: AE86 Trueno Car 12-inch plush

A plush Trueno?? What am I supposed to do with it? Sit on it? Or sleep with it?

On number one:
useless initial d merchandising on Amazon: screw driver set
Initial D 86 Trueno Carbon Bonnet Mini Screw Driver Set

Amazing! A screwdriver set inside the Panda Trueno AE86!! Why? What has this to do with Initial D? Am I missing the link here?? And if this is the normal type, what other types do we have?? And the screwdrivers look like they will break upon loosening any screw! What is that good for?

Initial D: the ultimate Arcade Stage

I came across this some time ago on AkihabaraNews and later on forgot about it. By accident I spotted it during a images search on Google-images. I think the video should do the talking:

It is simply amazing! Just take the normal arcade stage, remove the seat and just mount a car on top of it! Brilliant!! ;)

Too bad they forgot that the actual AE86 from Initial D is a zenki (early) model and not the kouki (later) model you see here:

Initial D Ultimate Arcade Stage in Sega Joypolis in Tokyo
Initial D Ultimate Arcade Stage in Sega Joypolis in Tokyo

You can drive either in the panda white Sprinter Trueno AE86, yellow FD3S or the blue Impreza GT.

Too bad it’s a one off only, only in the Sega Joypolis in Tokyo and costs 600 yen (excluding entrace fees) per ride . So I won’t be hanging around there too often… :(

Initial D: Initial B Bicycle Drift

If you thought the drifting in Initial D was radical: hold your breath for this!

Initial B: Bicycle drifting!

Apparently under the influence of Initial D some Chinese fans started to perform drifts on their bicycles:
The rules are pretty straight forward you just need to perform an aw inspiring right hand drift, either with the aid of brakes or without.

The drift performed in the picture looks awesome and drifting with a racing bike sounds like much fun to me! :)

Lucky enough I live in Holland, use my (1920s) bike for daily transportation and it is autumn. Leafs are on the streets, perhaps I’ll try to perform some drifts on my way to work now and then. ;)

You can read more about it here:
Article about bicylce drifting on

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