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Initial D: the ultimate Arcade Stage

I came across this some time ago on AkihabaraNews and later on forgot about it. By accident I spotted it during a images search on Google-images. I think the video should do the talking:

It is simply amazing! Just take the normal arcade stage, remove the seat and just mount a car on top of it! Brilliant!! ;)

Too bad they forgot that the actual AE86 from Initial D is a zenki (early) model and not the kouki (later) model you see here:

Initial D Ultimate Arcade Stage in Sega Joypolis in Tokyo
Initial D Ultimate Arcade Stage in Sega Joypolis in Tokyo

You can drive either in the panda white Sprinter Trueno AE86, yellow FD3S or the blue Impreza GT.

Too bad it’s a one off only, only in the Sega Joypolis in Tokyo and costs 600 yen (excluding entrace fees) per ride . So I won’t be hanging around there too often… :(


  1. gaki86

    i meant ae85 :D

  2. banpei

    It does have the taillights of the zenki Sprinter Trueno, however the interior is kouki:

    Also another weird thing: you’re not allowed to film it!

  3. gaki86

    zenki interia was red/brown

    kouki interia was black/gray

    hard to tell the dash display could be kouki

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