Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Hilarious: Initial D cosplay

Initial D Cosplay: hilarious!
Initial D Cosplay: simply hilarious!!

Do I need to say more?? I hope not… :D :D

They are all there: Takumi in the Sprinter Trueno AE86 (looks more like Itsuki to me), Bunta (behind the AE86), Ryosuke in the white FC3S RX7, Kyosuke in the yellow FD3S RX7, Sayuki (next to the Sil80?) and some other dude who doesn’t look like anyone at all. ;)

The only thing that crossed my mind: what if they were not cosplaying, but actually showing their Halloween costumes? What would happen if someone comes to your door in these cardboard cars and say “Trick or treat!!”?? Would you have to show your heel-to-toe as a trick? Or of course treat them upon some high-octane?? Hopefully we’ll never know!! I’d keep my door shut when these nutters come around! :P


  1. Anonymous

    muahahahaha ! they cant be serious ! ahaha

  2. Anonymous

    Those guys are tough. Don’t mess with ’em.

  3. Zephile

    behind kyoskue cosplay should fit more to play ryoskue xD

  4. Ryosuke Takahoobastank

    the kid in the yellow car has been a professional drifter since before this post was made.

    • banpei

      Nice! What’s his name?

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