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Hilarious: Initial D Cosplay (part 2)

Seven years ago I posted a funny picture of Initial D cosplayers, so when I bumped into these two cosplay pictures I remembered the first vividly:
Hilarious: Initial D Cosplay
I must say these costumes are really sturdy made: three of them are based on shopping strollers. Itsuki’s Levin looks horrible, Takumi’s Sprinter Trueno even worse and the Subaru Impreza 22b looks acceptable. Ryosuke’s Mazda Savanna RX-7 looks the best and I bet the most sweat and tears were put into that costume!
BTW: the best looking character is Bunta Fujiwara in the Subaru! That guy really lives up to the original role!

Now there is another Takumi in the second picture: Continue reading

Hilarious: Otaku drifting!

I had some good laughs on this Itasha video posted by youtuubeblows! Especially at the part where everybody starts dancing (@3:11) in their cosplay outfits and with the Evangalion itasha-van (or should that be dekoitasha?)! Not only does it show some Itasha to look at but also a serious otaku driftcar:

The Haruhi Racing Silvia S15 is a very beautiful one and apparently, judging by the screams by the Itasha girl, it can go sideways as well as any other drift car!

Now how long would it take before the Itasha catches on like this?

Hilarious: Deka renzoku cosplay

I’ve posted something about hilarious Cosplay (????) in the past and this one is just as funny as that posting: Deka renzoku cosplay! In other words: police series cosplay!
Deka renzoku cosplay: Seibu Keisatsu
Deka renzoku cosplay: Seibu Keisatsu

Yes, that’s the old Chief Daimon next to the Nissan 280ZX alright!

Deka renzoku cosplay: Seibu Keisatsu
Deka renzoku cosplay: Seibu Keisatsu

And what about his double next to the Gloria 430 then?

And people not only took characters from Seibu Keisatsu, but also from Abunai Deka:
Deka renzoku cosplay: Abunai Deka
Deka renzoku cosplay: Abunai Deka

Wait, is that detective Takayama next to the Nissan Leopard??

Deka renzoku cosplay: Abunai Deka
Deka renzoku cosplay: Abunai Deka

Yes it is!!

Dunno if this form of cosplay actually is called Deka Renzoku Cosplay, but I kind of found the words Deka (police) and renzoku (recurring series) together on another site and liked a combination of that! ;)

Hilarious: Initial D cosplay

Initial D Cosplay: hilarious!
Initial D Cosplay: simply hilarious!!

Do I need to say more?? I hope not… :D :D

They are all there: Takumi in the Sprinter Trueno AE86 (looks more like Itsuki to me), Bunta (behind the AE86), Ryosuke in the white FC3S RX7, Kyosuke in the yellow FD3S RX7, Sayuki (next to the Sil80?) and some other dude who doesn’t look like anyone at all. ;)

The only thing that crossed my mind: what if they were not cosplaying, but actually showing their Halloween costumes? What would happen if someone comes to your door in these cardboard cars and say “Trick or treat!!”?? Would you have to show your heel-to-toe as a trick? Or of course treat them upon some high-octane?? Hopefully we’ll never know!! I’d keep my door shut when these nutters come around! :P

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