Happy Hachi Roku day! :)

Like you probably know or already read/heard it is today hachi roku day!
What is hachi roku day then? From Japanese hachi translates into 8, roku into 6 so in other words: 86. Today it is August sixth. Get it? If you are from Europe probably not, but in Japan and the US this date reads 8-6, hence it is hachi roku day today! ;)

To celebrate hachi roku day I have some funny AE86 videos for you today! Let’s kick off with the AE86 dry run:

So how about a Corolla E80 FWD vs RWD commercial comparison? South African FWD:

vs US RWD:

If it were for the moonwalks alone I’d surely pick the FWD!

Now how about the epic old man George doing donuts?

And to prove the hachi roku can also be cute:

hachirokuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :D
I think I still have to give some education on my son: he claims my Carina is a racecar (yay!) but he can’t say roku-rei yet!