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Commercial time: jumping Skyline Japan

I think I’ve posted up this fifth generation Skyline commercial before, but I’m not sure about it… What I’m positive about is that I never posted up the small Nissan Langley commercial after it!

This first generation Langley looks awfully similar to its bigger Skyline Japan brother!

Vintage video: Akita cruise in a Skyline Japan

I really enjoyed this vintage video from 1983 taken from the backseat of a Skyline Japan C210. The Skyline cruises around the Akita prefecture where you can see a lot of old Japanese cars (back then quite new): a Skyline C110, a Bluebird 910 and a Suzuki Fronte SS40 to name a few. Also quite a few car dealerships and parking lots are passed by and you can actually see some secondhand cars lined up that are considered rare nowadays.

Commercial time: I love (Skyline) Japan

I did post all the Skyline Japan commercials a year ago, but that users videos were removed (due to copyright infringement). Lucky enough I found another account who posted up a max-and-match version of it (perhaps official Nissan material?) with the official I love Japan song:

Somehow these videos don’t look that old anymore. May it has to do with the fashion nowadays?

Found at [IKnowSkyline @ Youtube through Retro Classics[

Family Album Treasures: Bojutsu Skyline C210

Now is this little girl doing baton twirling or Bojutsu in front of her daddy’s C210?
Bojutsu Skyline C210
Bojutsu Skyline C210

It surely is a very nice Skyline Japan: presumably a 2000GT with some deep dish SSR Mk1s (I reckon something like 8J) and (after market?) front fenders with big breathing gills! And in the background a nice Mark II X30 hardtop coupe and what looks like the headlights of an Isuzu 117 coupe.

According to the source the picture was taken around 1990. Found at uvj*9’s blog

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