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Nissan Skyline GT-ES C210 Japan – Picture of the Week

After an extra long Christmas weekend, all we can do is just sit down and be a couch potato. So why not just stare at this beautiful cutaway drawing of a hardtop Nissan Skyline C210?

Nissan Skyline GT-ES C210 hardtop cutaway drawing
Nissan Skyline GT-ES C210 hardtop cutaway drawing

The fifth generation Skyline was also better known as the Skyline Japan. It received this nickname due to the Nissan TV ads emphasizing the Japanese origins of the Skyline by ending the ad with an American voice-over saying “Skyline…Japan”. A collection of ads can be found below:

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Commercial time: jumping Skyline Japan

I think I’ve posted up this fifth generation Skyline commercial before, but I’m not sure about it… What I’m positive about is that I never posted up the small Nissan Langley commercial after it!

This first generation Langley looks awfully similar to its bigger Skyline Japan brother!

Vintage video: Akita cruise in a Skyline Japan

I really enjoyed this vintage video from 1983 taken from the backseat of a Skyline Japan C210. The Skyline cruises around the Akita prefecture where you can see a lot of old Japanese cars (back then quite new): a Skyline C110, a Bluebird 910 and a Suzuki Fronte SS40 to name a few. Also quite a few car dealerships and parking lots are passed by and you can actually see some secondhand cars lined up that are considered rare nowadays.

Commercial time: I love (Skyline) Japan

I did post all the Skyline Japan commercials a year ago, but that users videos were removed (due to copyright infringement). Lucky enough I found another account who posted up a max-and-match version of it (perhaps official Nissan material?) with the official I love Japan song:

Somehow these videos don’t look that old anymore. May it has to do with the fashion nowadays?

Found at [IKnowSkyline @ Youtube through Retro Classics[

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