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Wrecked: Iketani’s Nissan Silvia S13

Not sure if anyone of these guys is called Iketani, but I thought it would be a nice fit since it looks exactly the same as the Silvia S13 Koichiro Iketani from Initial D was driving:
Wrecked Nissan Silvia S13
It is also unsure if they wrecked the roof of the car manually after the accident or if it rolled over a couple of times…

And a picture says more than a thousand words: Continue reading

Car Chases: Seibu Kesatsu in San Andreas

When I watched this collaborated GTA San Andreas movie I somehow wondered if Gred would have been involved. Anyway, this video shows you lots and lots JDM tin carnage without any real cars being blown to smithereens!

Of course most of the cars are Nissans, but an occasional Toyota AE86 can be spotted a few times.

Also if you are wondering what that intermezzo at 3:15 is all about: it is a commercial break for featuring this Nissan Silvia advertisement: Continue reading

Japanse Autosport Festival: Traffic jams and parking lot

As promised: lots of pictures are coming up!

The day started early somewhere in Hilversum where we met up at Jack’s place at 7:30. I was perfectly on time for a change, but stupidly enough I forgot to bring along my tickets and had to go home and print them out another time. Then after 45 minutes of driving we arrived in Zandvoort and encountered this near the gate of the circuit:
There is a long line of cars...
It took us another 45 minutes to actually reach the gates. 😮

This also meant one of the cars in our group ran into a little bit of trouble when its radiator hose snapped: Continue reading

WTF: Toyota Silica MA46

We’ve all seen them and loved them: the Nissan Sileighty. Basically a Nissan 180SX with a Silvia S13 nosejob and the end result is a very beautiful blend of a GT hatchback sportscar.

Now what would you do if you do have a Silvia frontend but don’t have a 180SX? Take a Celica XX and swap the Silvia’s nose on it!
WTF?! Toyota Silica?!
WTF?! Toyota Silica?!

I don’t have a better picture of it, but nevertheless it’s looks are stunning!
So, Celica XX MA46 + Silvia S13 = Silica?

Family Album Treasures: Silvia wishes you peace!

We had some family album photos with a Silvia S13 before and also had someone doing the peace sign, but this photo combines them both!
Be in peace with Silvia!
Be in peace with Silvia!

The Silvia is an early Q’s model produced in 1988 powered by the trusty twin cam CA18DE and a four speed automatic.
The owners wife is posing in front of the car in the late 80s and according to him they drove the car in their honeymoon. Now that’s a nice slide to put into your family album!

Found at [k-yoko]

SF Bay area: went to a drift event (part 2)

I finally developed all films I took with my analogue SLR (Zenit-E with Weltblick 135mm at full lens opening) at the Infineon raceway drift exhibition. I never took photos of moving objects at night so most photos were taken with a very wild guess: the light meter on the camera did not show anything at all, the Sixtomat lightmeter I use as a backup was stretched to its 1600 iso maximum and then calculated back with 5 stops since my camera had a black and white 100 iso film in it. To my surprise a lot of them actually worked out fine for some of the pictures!

Take for instance this photo of a competing AE86:
Competing Corolla GT-S AE86
Competing Corolla GT-S AE86

I must say: not bad at all for a first time!

Also the Techno Toy Tuning 510 is still recognizable:
Techno Toy Tuning Datsun 510
Techno Toy Tuning Datsun 510

Could have been better if I would have had a flash with me, but nothing whatsoever in my camera bag… Next time I’ll definitely bring along a strong one!

Here is another Corolla GT-S AE86:
Corolla GT-S AE86 going sideways
Corolla GT-S AE86 going sideways

The picture is quite nice, but I’m not really getting the feeling it is going sideways. I should have either used a different angle or extended the timing a bit.

Perhaps a bit more like thiis Nissan 240SX S13 (with Silvia nosejob):
Nissan 240SX (Silvia S13 conversion) going sideways
Nissan 240SX (Silvia S13 conversion) going sideways

Now I really get the feeling this car is going sideways. With a freezing flash it would have been a perfect shot!

And last but not least, a long exposure shot:
Long exposure shot
Long exposure shot

Not the best angle for these kind of pictures, but nevertheless still content with the result.

Take note that these are scans of the negatives (with a proper negative scanner) so I’ll definitely develop these five as proper photos and see if I can stretch their quality a bit more! Also next time I’ll include the next roll of film which was a 400 iso color film.

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