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WTF: Toyota Silica MA46

We’ve all seen them and loved them: the Nissan Sileighty. Basically a Nissan 180SX with a Silvia S13 nosejob and the end result is a very beautiful blend of a GT hatchback sportscar.

Now what would you do if you do have a Silvia frontend but don’t have a 180SX? Take a Celica XX and swap the Silvia’s nose on it!
WTF?! Toyota Silica?!
WTF?! Toyota Silica?!

I don’t have a better picture of it, but nevertheless it’s looks are stunning!
So, Celica XX MA46 + Silvia S13 = Silica?

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  1. haridz

    hey is this in malaysia? lol.. im a malaysian.. and ive seen more unusual things than this… they can mix any thing up… i guess u must have seen plenty of proto-mitsu evo 3 on the road right? its actually our national car (proton) that have been converted to evo 3 bodykits and engine swap from a standard 1.5 mitsu engine to a 1.8 gsr turbo.. btw, i like your blog.. and it brings back memories of my time dreaming to have one of those japan sports cars like r32 skyline, the hachi-roku (:D), basically cars from the initial d comics… keep it up.. and dont stop… all the best..

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