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Down on the Street: Terracotta 1990 Nissan Pao

The Nissan Pao was, just like last weeks Nissan S-Cargo, one of the Pikes cars. Each and every Pikes car had its own distinctive retro styling: the Nissan Be-1 was styled after the Austin Mini, the Nissan Figaro after the Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile, the Nissan Rasheen after the Wartbug 353, Nissan S-Cargo after the Citroën 2CV Camionette and the Nissan Pao after the original Renault R4. Well actually the Pao more a mashup of the Renault R4 (overall shape), Citroën 2CV (flap up windows), Kübelwagen (ribs), Aston Martin DB4 (grill and logo), Austin Mini (outside hinges and the front overfenders) and the Austin A40 “Farina” Countryman (split rear tailgate).

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Japanese Rustoseums: Nissan Rasheen junkyard car

After Nissan’s success with the BE-1, the Pao and the Figaro Nissan must have smelled money. So next up for them was retro styling a SUV on top of the Sunny B14 platform and they called it the Nissan Rasheen and sold the car from 1994 to 2000.
Japanese Rustoseums: Nissan Rasheen
For some reason it looks very similar to the Wartburg 353 built in East Germany (DDR) but I don’t think they did that on purpose. I can’t imagine they would do that only that short after the Fall.

Anyway, BANKAKUEMIKO uploaded a video of this marvel at his local junkyard in Japan: Continue reading

Video: No Pikes No Life!

This cute video featuring many many photos of Nissan Paos and Nissan Figaros (and their owners) was created by Yamamottinn, I expect him to have had a lot of work visiting, photographing and finding the right setting for all those individuals…

Loved it so much that I re-ran it several times and already played with the idea of owning one myself. ;)

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