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Japanese rustoseums (part 10)

I haven’t got the guts to post up more of those rotten away sportscars like last week, so this time I have a Nissan Gloria 430 wagon for you:
Nissan Gloria 430 wagon 280d
Nissan Gloria 430 wagon 280d

Someone bought this Gloria 430 as his family wagon second hand in 1990 and parked out in the back of his premisses three years later and left it there for 16 years! In these 16 years of time bamboo and other plants surrounded the car completely and the car sunk slowly into the ground.

Someone actually was crazy enough to save it and bought this Gloria simply because of its rarity!
Nissan Gloria 430 wagon 280d
Nissan Gloria 430 wagon 280d

The new owner bought the car as being a Cedric, but when he picked it up it turned out to be a Gloria instead. So even the Japanese can’t tell the Cedric and Gloria apart either! (even when a big sign on the trunk says GLORIA)

The Gloria itself is a 280D, which means it is powered by a LD28 2.8 litre diesel. The engine itself is not the most powerful engine, but it surely has a lot of torque! Too bad this car can’t really use that well with its automatic gearbox…

Nissan Gloria 430 wagon 280d
Nissan Gloria 430 wagon 280d

The car came with a set of genuine vintage rims, a lot of mud, rust and lucky enough the handbrake wasn’t stuck either. The owner towed the car home and already began cleaning it and fixing it up.

This man is a real hero: I would certainly have walked away from such a dump! I’ll keep an eye upon this project and post the outcome when it has been finished! :)

Car chases: on the roof of a Nissan Gloria 230

How long can you hold on the roof of a Nissan Gloria 230? This car chase video shows you can for about one and a half minute:

The pickup used in the chase is a Nissan 620 Isuzu KB20 and its contents is a bit fragile… :D

Don’t know the exact name of this series, but it translates into the Metropolitan Police and it surely reeks of 70s detective series! :)

Car feature: Nissan Gloria Brougham VIP Y30

It can’t get more VIP than with this Nissan Gloria Brougham VIP Y30! If not only for its interior, but also for its smooth VG30ET 3 liter V6 turbo engine! Apparently Youtube user iwa730 wants to share its luck with us:

Its got about everything Nissan and the Japanese innovation could cram into that 185 inch long ship: cruise control, active suspension, cruise control and radio controls on the steering wheel, auto transmission with sports switch, radio with tapedeck, aircon, leather seats, pluche door cards, adjustable power mirrors, code protected driver side door, genuine hardtop roof, wire wheels and the list is probably ten times longer than this!

Also the car is in great imbalance: the V-30-turbo Brougham VIP badge is about ten times as heavy as the Nissan badge on the other side of the car! :D

Anyone wants to trade his Nissan Gloria Brougham VIP for my Carina TA60? :P

For sale: Nissan Gloria hardtop 430

I found this damn nice Hungarian Nissan Gloria hardtop 430 for sale on Autoscout:
For sale: damn nice Nissan Gloria Y30
For sale: damn nice Nissan Gloria 430

Also all pictures of the Gloria are just as beautiful as the Gloria itself! I didn’t even know that Nissan actually sold the 430 in Europe! Price is not even touching 6K euros, so a definite want! :)

Only drawback is that all these images of what I could do with it keep popping up in my head… Something like Team Madonna did for instance… So maybe a no go for me…

You can find it for sale here: Nissan Gloria 430 hardtop @ Autoscout24

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