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WTF: Flatbed hauling three RWD Nissans

Found this funny picture on Doriten: a flatbed truck literally hauling a bunch of RWD Nissans!
Flatbed hauling RWD Nissans
Flatbed hauling RWD Nissans

How to keep it together? Just put a big strap around the Siliva S14 and everything will be tied together! :D

For the record:
On top: Nissan Silvia S14
On the bottom rear: Nissan Laurel C35
On the bottom up front: Nissan Gloria Y33


  1. Dex720

    I think my friend just bought them

  2. junior

    but they are carring them like crap!! (hey bampei, it has been a long time, buddy near my house is a rx7 scca or something i just know is like 1982 with “lexus tailights” at the back, im crazy to take some pics but my cam is fucked!)

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