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DOTS: Miata hunting! (part eleven)

Earlier this week I passed this MX5 during my lunchbreak. It was parked around the corner of the office building where I work and apparently it really stood out. Yet again I have to apologize for the crappy quality of my phonecam, but I didn’t have anything better with me on my after lunch stroll…
1994 Red Mazda MX5 NA
1994 Red Mazda MX5 NA

Looking a bit more closeup you can see it has been lowered and modified extensively:
1994 Red Mazda MX5 NA
1994 Red Mazda MX5 NA

From this side you can already detect an aftermarket spoiler, bumper and sideskirts…

And even closer you can see it has got an aftermarket exhaust, rollbars and you can also recognize the MIM 5400 rims:
1994 Red Mazda MX5 NA
1994 Red Mazda MX5 NA

Even though I’m not a big fan of these MIM rims I certainly think they look great on this car!


  1. Killua

    Red Miatas look so nice!

    And they are quite small too… compared to the Astra or the 206 to the sides, I wonder why manufacturers make bigger and taller cars nowadays. They look ugly!

  2. banpei

    That’s what the masses want: bigger, taller and heavier. Apparently John Suburb wishes to drive all by himself in his 1400kg weighting Astra and enjoy the luxury of spacious cars. :(

  3. Steve

    You’re right. The rims look OK on this Miata but I would definitely get rid of the trunk spoiler and the exhaust . Thanks for sharing. I appreciate you miata hunting posts a lot.

  4. miata

    nice spoiler! :) where did you buy it ?

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