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80s feeling: Gloria

This picture gave me a real 80s feeling:
A whole bunch of Nissan Gloria 430s!
A whole bunch of Nissan Gloria 430s!

First thing that got into my head was Gloria by Laura Branigan:

Gloria, you’re always on the run now
Running after somebody, you gotta get him somehow
I think you’ve got to slow down before you start to blow it
I think you’re headed for a breakdown, so be careful not to show it

Those lyrics suit the picture really well!

Hilarious: Inazuman

I found a part of really old episode of Inazuman on Youtube and tried to find out more about that series.
Somehow I think it was not the Grand Championship cars which inspired the bosozoku, but rather this series with this weird flying car called Raijingo!

On Youtube I found the hilarious opening of the series:

WTF? He is able to rebuild collapsed buildings and shoot ropes, like spiderman, and pulls the building erect again?

According to the reviews of the series I found out that the flying car called Raijingo actually has a psychic link with Inazuman. Raijingo is capable of shooting missiles from its mouth. The car looks like it was originally a Nissan Fairlady 1500 SP310. Raiji means thundergod in Japanese, so it would have been more logical if the car was based upon a TE27 Trueno!

This was the part of the video I found and be prepared for a thrilling car chase between Raijingo and a Nissan Gloria A30:

Rare Bosozoku cars: Nissan Cedric 230

This week we feature the Nissan Cedric (and Gloria) 230. In contrary of the Cedric/Gloria 330 it is a rare bosozoku car and we had a very hard time to find more than one picture!

Some time ago we featured a video of it already:

This full version shows everything about this great Cedric: it is spacious, it looks bad, got a great horn and this hardtop version doesn’t have a B pilar!

We even managed to find a picture of this beauty:
#23 Bosozoku style Nissan Cedric 230
#23 Bosozoku style Nissan Cedric 230

You see, it even got the stance right!

Compared to that this kyusha styled Cedric suddenly doesn’t look that stunning anymore:
Kyusha styled Nissan Cedric 230
Kyusha styled Nissan Cedric 230

The Cedric and Gloria 230 did share the same floorpan and body, but in contrary of the 330 they did not share the same face: they still had their individual front ends. Only starting with the 330 Nissan finally merged the two cars fully!

Factory stock Nissan Cedric 230
Factory stock Nissan Cedric 230

Both cars were featuring several L series inline 4 and inline 6 engines, so the L20, L24 and L26 were all available.

Factory stock Nissan Cedric 230
Factory stock Nissan Cedric 230

The Nissan Cedric/Gloria 230 is a rare sight at the bosozoku meetings and we do have an idea why. First reason:

Many 70s and 80s Japanese police series used/abused the Nissan Cedrics and Glorias to make spectacular car chases. It was not uncommon to wreck up to 15 or 20 cars per chase! And the biggest problem was that the Cedric and Gloria were mostly used as policecars, so they were wrecked in masses!

Second reason: the image of a policecar is not really appealing to a bosozoku!
And the third reason: rust! There are not many Cedrics and Glorias left.

Personally I do prefer the Cedric/Gloria 330 over the 230 and that’s probably just like every bosozoku boss would!

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Popular Bosozoku cars: Nissan Gloria / Cedric C330

This week I wanted to highlight the Nissan Gloria / Cedric C330. :)

Nissan Gloria C330 Bosozoku style
Nissan Gloria C330 Bosozoku style

The mid 70s cokebottle styled Gloria and Cedric and pilarless doors are excellent bodyshapes for a bosozoku styled car! It looks really wild in its shape, it’s got the big bad attitude of the early VIP cars and with the big flared fenders it looks even more wicked!

Nissan Gloria C330 Yanky style
Nissan Gloria C330 Yanky style

These yanky styled Gloria C330s really looks a bit more like an American hotrod than a Bosozoku styled car. Only the exhaust gives away these cars. ;)

Bosozoku styled Nissan Gloria C330
Bosozoku styled Nissan Gloria C330

The differences between the Gloria and Cedric are so minor that with a Bosozoku style makeover you can’t even tell if it is a Gloria or Cedric anymore! But this should be a Gloria

Both Cedric and Gloria were rivals of the Toyota Crown. Apart from the outragous President both vehicles were the flagships of the company.

The Gloria joined the Nissan lineup after Price merged with Nissan. From what I understood the Gloria was the upmarket car and the Cedric more or less the downsized car. In the previous generation of both vehicles this was even more clear: the Cedric featured less chrome and an hood ornament!

Just like its predecessor, the C230, the C330 features pilarless rear door, so there is no B post between the front and rear door. This to mimic late 60s and early 70s American cars even more.

Most cars feature the L26 engine but the L20 engine was also available but mainly used in the taxi variant of this car.

Factory stock Nissan Cedric C330 and Nissan Gloria C330
Almost factory stock Nissan Gloria C330

On this picture with almost factory stock Glorias you can clearly see how beautifully styled these C330s actually were! If I were to find one of these beauties in the Netherlands (they were sold here!) I doubt whether I would keep them stock or slam them to the ground Shakotan style!

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