Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Car chases: on the roof of a Nissan Gloria 230

How long can you hold on the roof of a Nissan Gloria 230? This car chase video shows you can for about one and a half minute:

The pickup used in the chase is a Nissan 620 Isuzu KB20 and its contents is a bit fragile… :D

Don’t know the exact name of this series, but it translates into the Metropolitan Police and it surely reeks of 70s detective series! :)


  1. kyteler

    Hey banpei, that’s no 620 ;) It’s an Isuzu KB20. Also known stateside as a Chevy LUV.

  2. banpei

    Auch! Thanks for the correction, just corrected it! :)
    Europe isn’t much of a UTE region… We only got the Nissan 520/620/720 and the Toyota HiLux, but AFAIK the Isuzu KB20 never reached the shores of Europe…

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