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Reverse fetish: JDM Opel Calibra

Never ever thought I would be posting about an Opel Calibra, but these two are actually very nice ones! They are JDM Opel Calibras and styled after the DTM example:
Reverse fetish: JDM Opel Calibra
Reverse fetish: JDM Opel Calibra

Both have big overfenders, GT wings, Skyline GT-R special or BBS Competition wheels and such. Of course it looks nowhere near the DTM versions, but nevertheless very nice to see what Japanese can do with Euro spec cars.

Perhaps it is the same thing as we are trying to do when we mimic our own JDM styles. (ยด?`* ))?

Found at [B1G-Blue’s Calibra DTM project]

Reverse fetish: EUDM AE86 gauge cluster in JDM car

I love to have my car look as closely to a JDM car as possible. That includes changing things like the headlights, badges and gauge cluster. I’m not alone in this since I’ve seen a lot of people on AEU86 buying JDM analogue and digi dashes for the AE86. Now seeing this picture on the :
Reverse fetish: EUDM AE86 cluster
Reverse fetish: EUDM AE86 cluster

Yes, that is a JDM cluster made to look like a EUDM spec cluster!
Since the JAF (Japanese Automobile Federation) decided in the 1970s that limiting the speedo to 180km/h would stop people from speeding influenced the Japanese to go wild on any speedo that exceeds 180km/h. I call it a reverse fetish! ;)

BTW: If you seek a real EUDM cluster, just drop me an email and I’ll try to arrange one for you! :)

JDM Carina GT-R (Celica Supra) rims

Found these 15 inch Carina GT-R rims (also featured on the Celica Supra and Soarer) on which look exactly like mine:
Carina GT-R rims on
Immaculate Carina GT-R rims on

detais Carina GT-R rims on
Details of the Carina GT-R rims on

clean Carina GT-R rims on
Clean Carina GT-R rims on

These rims are 15 inch, ET +20 so they are actually exactly the same as mine! I took the gamble that the 15 inch Celica Supra rims would be the same size/offset as the Carina and apparently I guessed right!

They cost about 37000 yen (300 euros) so I think the price of these rims are spot on!

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