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Video: Skyline C110 JDM versus EU/AU

Ever wondered what the difference is between the taillights of a EU/AU 240K GT GC110 and a JDM Skyline C110?

JDM on the left, EU/AU on the right.
I must say I like the JDM a lot better than the EU/AU spec. Let alone for having the double brakelights. ;)


  1. kyteler

    Just as a note. It’s a typical conversion for JDM lamps but what Flauski has done is linked the two lamps. In standard form the JDM lamps work exactly the same as the Export lamps do.

    Park lamps illuminate the outer circle and brakes, the inner. Though obviously on Export the Inner is the Dot and on Domestic the Inner is the Circle.

    The Japanese lamps I got for my C110 had already been modified to work In the all lit up then brighter (2nd filament) for brakes.

    Far greater look to the rear end, IMO.

  2. Jassem alghfri

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