Picture of the Week: Inspiration for Speedracer!

November 11, 2012 in picture of the week

This picture of a Hino DEL RSB racecar from the prototype class reminded me of the Speedracer car greatly. The big exhaust pipes and tail fins just look too unreal to be true!
Hino DEL RSB with Crown VG10 v8 engine
Hino started racing with the Hino Formula DEL 900 in 1964, powered by Hinos famous 893cc Contessa engine. This car was succeeded by the Hino Formula DEL 1300 and the Hino DEL RSA both powered by Hinos 1251cc Contessa engine.

After Toyota took over the company they quicky altered the Hino DEL RSB to feature the Crown Eight VG10 2.6 litre v8 engine. Back in 1967 this V8 engine produced decent power (165ps) to propel this car to the first place in its class in the All Japan Sports Car Race. After its victory Hino even tried mounting this very same engine inside a Hino Contessa!

Found at Gianni-Agnelli

Double classic: 1965 Hino Contessa Sprint filmed in 1985

January 2, 2010 in Double classic

How about a double classic? This one off prototype of the Hino Contessa Sprint was filmed in 1985:

The Contessa Sprint 900 was drawn by Michelotti and exhibited at the Turin Auto Show in 1962 and it looks a bit like the beautifully styled Glas cars.

This 1965 Contessa Sprint was prepared for the 1966 Paris Auto Salon by French autobuilder Alpine (before they became part of Renault) and its underpinnings are shared with the famous Alpine 110 and featured a specially tuned DOHC 1300 engine from the Contessa 1300! Now that is a car I would certainly like to drive!