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Picture of the Week: Nissan RB26DETT cutaway drawing

I could stare for hours to this Nissan RB26DETT cutaway drawing and still not see every detail in it! The black valve cover on this Nissan RB26DETT uncovers this engine as a R32 or R33 type and as the cutaway drawings got out of fashion in the 90s the drawing is probably made around the…

Picture of the week: Honda RA272 cutaway drawing

This Honda RA272 cutaway drawing by Yoshihiro Inomoto is even more beautiful than the Nissan R382 cutaway drawing by Makoto Ouchi: Look at all the finer details he made, small case studies on the various parts, cockpit and complete car to get the end result just right. And this is just the original line drawing…

New avatar / icon

Just found this great Carina AA63 drawing by MX41: Immediately changed my avatar/icon on the AEU86 forum. 🙂 You can find more of his drawings here: Carina, Celica and Corona or all drawings