Here in Europe, there were three choices of engines for the third-generation Toyota Carina: 1.6 litre 2T, 1.8 litre 3T and 1.8 litre 1C. The 1C offered a mere 62 hp and 111 N⋅m. The 2T offered 75 hp and 120 N⋅m. The 3T adds about eleven extra horses over the 2T, which makes the grand total about 86 hp. So where does this oddball Carina with a 1.8 litre 3T-G come from then?

Zsolt's Toyota Carina with a 2T/3T-G hybrid engine
Zsolt’s Toyota Carina with a 2T/3T-G hybrid engine

Unfortunately, we never got the double overhead cam 2T-G on our third-generation Carina. The 2T-G double overhead cam head adds about 40 hp to the baseline 2T. In theory, slapping that very same head on a 3T would then give about 125hp and loads of torque. That’s exactly what Zsolt (zsolesz_molesz) did to his 3T-powered Carina TA62 and he called it a 2T/3T-G hybrid and renumbered it to TA63!

3T with 2T-G head: a 2T/3T-G hybrid engine
3T with 2T-G head: a 2T/3T-G hybrid engine

The sound of the side draft Webers is really beautiful! And with the increase in torque and a TRD 2-way limited-slip differential, this Carina manages to go sideways easily:

I really need to get in contact with Zsolt and ask him how much effort it was to swap the OEM open differential for the TRD one.

Currently, it is dressed up with a set of Advan Rally wheels in the sizes 14×6.5 +11 (front) and 14×7 +5 (rear)

Beautiful Advan Rally wheels: 14x6.5 +11 and 14x7 +5
Beautiful Advan Rally wheels: 14×6.5 +11 and 14×7 +5

I need to remember those sizes for my very own Carina! ;)

The full video can be found below: