Random: Nissan S20 T-shirt

Random: Nissan S20 T-shirt

The S20 engine (used in the Skyline GT-R KPGC10) is definitely Nissan’s (actually Prince’s) most beautiful engine ever:
Nissans most beautiful engine: S20
Nissan’s most beautiful engine: S20

So if anyone could transform this picture into a nice black T-Shirt I’d definitely would buy it! 🙂

Found at [Spirit of Skyline]

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  1. I just created it as a quick example.. but we are already working one shirt like this a while (a SR20, VR38 and RB26 version) but it takes allot of time making them compatible for a decent printed t-shirt. We don’t have any of these engine shirt for sale yet, but quite like the idea of an S20 shirt so we’ll go work on it. This was just a quick photoshop. 😉

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