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Manga Car Spotting – Nissan Cherry X-1R and Honda N360 – Restore Garage 251

Manga Cars

A flying Nissan Cherry X-1R coupe and a rusty Honda N360 will feature in this fourth episode of spotting manga cars! I’ll read this Japanese manga of Restore Garage 251 and I found over 25 different cars in it!
Manga Car Spotting - Nissan Cherry X-1R and Honda N360 - Restore Garage 251

Restore Garage 251 by Ryuji Tsugihara

Restore Garage 251 revolves around Satomi Yumejiro and his grand son, who restore old Japanese cars. In each restoration there seems to be a background story: either some owner / ex-owner wishing to restore their lost love or some special car that is restored and given to a collector. The great thing about Restore Garage 251 is that it also focuses on the technique behind the restoration: how carburetors work, how a steering rack works and how you can mend metal into place. Definitely a manga that I would love to see translated and published in English!

You can find the video and the high resolution scans of the panels containing manga cars below: Continue reading

Family Album Treasures: Bell-bottoms Nissan Laurel C130

Bell-bottoms were a big fashion craze throughout the early 70s and the same applied to coke-bottle styling, like on this Nissan Laurel C130, on cars.
Family Album Treasures: Nissan Laurel C130
The owner Willchan first owned a Nissan Cherry X-1R and then upgraded to this Nissan Laurel 2000GL 6 cylinder KHC130 coupe. The butaketsu (pigsbutt) Laurel looks great with the added fog lights integrated in the grille surrounding.

Given the shape and (less) flare of his bell-bottoms I’d reckon this photo must have been taken late 70s when slowly but surely the bell-bottoms were on its way out. Just like the coke-bottle styling got replaced by the squared off and ruler car designs.


WTF: Shirtless Cherry X-1 coupe

Now this was a big WTF?!: two shirtless men standing next to a Nissan Cherry X-1 coupe with a fiery background? What does it mean?
Shirtless Nissan Cherry X-1
Shirtless Nissan Cherry X-1

Not really sure what the people from Nissan were targeting here… We obviously have seen the Ken&Mary targeting for the fourth generation Skyline and the Cherry X-1 was launched at the same time. Are the two shirtless men supposed to indicate the Cherry X-1 coupe is one tough cookie, is it supposed to attract future female buyers or should we interpret it differently?

Found at [Cherry Club Japan]

Video: 1972 TS-a Touring Car race @ Fuji Speedway

I found a couple of old 70s videos of the Gran Prix Touring Car races at Fuji International Speedway of which this 1972 race is one of the best!

It starts off with showing the thorough process of inspections and approvals on a Toyota Corolla Levin TE27 and a Toyota Sprinter Trueno TE27 in the first part:

Funny to see the whole parkinglot is full of the cars that are going to race at the track!

In the second part the race actually starts and several accidents happen:

Especially the one on the straight around 2:00 looks very spectacular. Marshals running across the track, pushing and pulling the two cars from the track. Sounds very very dangerous…
Also the crash at 6:42 looks dangerous. The upcoming racecars harldy take distance. What if someone would have been trapped in there? And even worse, at 7:38 they use it as a new apex!

In the third part the fierce battle continues:

And ends in an all Toyota Podium: two Celica’s and a Corolla Levin TE27 make it to the podium!

Apart from that an impressive list of cars that attended: Toyota Sprinter Trueno TE27, Corolla Levin TE27, Celica TA22, Nissan Cherry X-1R, Nissan Sunny B110 and a Mazda RX-3.

Found at [Hotcakemix00 @ Youtube]

Japanese rustoseums (part sixteen)

I was a bit shocked when I spotted this zenki four door Nissan Skyline RS-Turbo DR30 rustoseum:
Nissan Skyline DR30 rustoseum
Nissan Skyline DR30 rustoseum

How can you leave such a great car rust away in a barn yard?
Judging from the camber on the rear wheels the rear springs were removed when somebody already scavenged it for parts.

Just as bad as the skyline, a Nissan Cherry X-1R:
Nissan Cherry X-1R rustoseum
Nissan Cherry X-1R rustoseum

The Cherry even still got its extemely expensive tail lights in place. It is a wonder nobody scavenged them yet! :o

What about some foreign rustoseums? A crusty second generation Chevrolet Camaro and an immaculate Renault 4:
Foreign rustoseums: Chevrolet Camaro and Renault 4
Foreign rustoseums: Chevrolet Camaro and Renault 4

Personally I would rather have seen the reverse of that…

Next time I’ll post up some rustoseums from The Netherlands I found earlier this week.

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