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The Carina A6 in the Toyota Family Tree

A couple of days ago Japanese Nostalgic Car posted (yes I do read their blog occasionally) that because of their 75th anniversary Toyota created a big family tree of all models they created. Of course I immediately looked up the third generation Carina in it:
Carina A60 in the Toyota family tree
The nice thing is that they have a fairly good description on the timelines and model and it even includes what plat produced the car. The whole Carina lineup was produced in the Tsutsumi plant. They do mention the addition of the 1C diesel, 4T-GTE and 4A-GE engines but they forgot to add them to the specification sheet.

Another fun fact is that they set the release date to a specific date and in the case of the third generation Carina it was 7th of September 1981: coincidentally my dads birthday. ;)

Direct links to the model pages:
Carina A60 sedan (RA63/TA61/TA63/SA60/AA60)
Carina A60 coupe (RA63/TA61/TA63/SA60/AA60)
Carina A60 Surf (SA60)
Carina A60 van (TA67)

You can also view the original/initial catalogs, but later ones are not included. Links to the catalogs:
Carina A60 sedan and coupe (September 1981)
Carina A60 Surf (February 1982)
Carina A67 van (September 1981)

If you really want to reverse engineer you can actually access the scanned pages of the catalogs directly. These are the first page and last page of the first catalog. ;)

BTW: I just realized the old site got broken after the server upgrade a few months ago and the old content has disappeared. I’ll see if I can fix that. :)

Carina Sightings: Czech TA62 coupe for sale!

Honza (aka Gred) sent me a link earlier this week with a link to a perfect Carina TA62 coupe. Apparently it is for sale for a mere 38000 Czech Koruna (1900 US dollars) which is next to nothing for a nice example like this one!
Czech Carina TA62 coupe
One of the first things that I noticed is that looks like it had a recent respray that is following the OEM JDM Carina panda paint scheme.

The second thing were the, obvious, deep dished wheels. Continue reading

Carina Sightings: Panda Carina coupe AA63

After last weeks sad news some good news: I got word from Arpad that his coupe was spotted with different licenseplates on it, so there is hope he will be reunited with the car! Nevertheless, if you spot it somewhere: don’t hesitate to contact me!

Now to get back on topic: I found this immaculate Panda Carina GT-R coupe for sale on Auctions Yahoo:
Panda Carina coupe GT-R AA63
Panda Carina coupe GT-R AA63

The buy-me-now price is at 1000000 yen (13000 US dollar) a bit steep but you will get a whole lot of car for that money!

First of all the car only travelled 110000 kilometer so far, the body is practially rust free (and in very good shape) and is still in its original panda paint with colorcode 041 (Super White III, only available on late models). Second of all the car features an oldskool period correct urethane lip and louvre rear window.
Panda Carina coupe GT-R AA63
Panda Carina coupe GT-R AA63

The Carina is lowered with a short stroke set and 12K/8K springs at the front and rear and a two way LSD has been fitted. Unfortunately the mouth watering deep dished Longchamps are not included in the deal…

What is included in the deal is this 20V 4AGE blacktop:
Panda Carina coupe GT-R AA63
Panda Carina coupe GT-R AA63

Modified with direct ignition and a Freedom ECU.

Additionally the car also has an AC and powersteering. However the condenser of the AC has broken down, so it can be quite pricey to get it to work again.

I still think 1 Million yen is a bit high for the whole package… But in case you are interested in placing a bid (currently at 400K yen), you can find it here: Panda Carina coupe Auctions Yahoo

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