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Another Glass-cube Toyota Carina brochure – Carina Sightings

I found another second-generation Toyota Carina Japanese brochure with the mysterious glass-cube building of the Ideka 20th Century Art Museum on its cover!

It turns out the Carina is parked in the Ikeda Museum parkinglot
Ikeda Museum parkinglot

In the previous post, I was happy to have found out that the Ideka 20th Century Art Museum was featured on the front of the brochure. Last time, I couldn’t have solved the mystery without the help of Google Bard which recognized the building.

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Why is this Toyota Carina in front of a big mirror-glass cube? – Carina Sightings

I bought my first Japanese Toyota Carina brochure somewhere in 2007, just after I purchased my own Carina TA60. Many brochures followed over the years and I think I have almost all of the third generation complete. Here and there I also picked up some Japanese second-generation Carina brochures. Over 10 years ago I purchased this second-generation Carina brochure:

Second-generation 1977 Toyota Carina brochure
Second-generation 1977 Toyota Carina brochure

Ever since I bought that brochure, it has intrigued me why this Carina was parked in front of a gigantic mirror-glass cube-shaped building. What is the purpose of that? Am I missing some cultural reference here?

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Webmining: Dutch brochure of the Toyota Corona RT46 panel van

This Dutch brochure scan of a Toyota Corona RT46 panel van (delivery van) shows me another prime example of reverse fetish. I collect Japanese brochures and I love to browse them every now and then. Then go through every tiny little detail and compare the trim levels with each other. Apparently the blog owner here also has the same fetish and collects brochures from overseas! Brilliant!

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