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Video: Chichibu touge videos from 1990

I found ae86lan adding these videos to his favorites on Youtube. The three videos are footage of touge runs in May 1990 with mainly AE86s, AE82s and Starlets. I must warn that there is hardly any drifting involved in these videos: most cars car grip driving up and down the touges around Chichibu.

The Skyline lookalike tail lights in the beginning of the clip are from a Nissan Langley. You can also spot around 4:00 a Celica AA63 and around 5:00 a Carina AA63.

Here is another video from that very same night:

And last but not least, another one from a different night going up and downhill:

Found at [murasakisyohu @ Youtube]

Video: the ultimate boro AE86 duo!

This short video from ae86lan shows you the ultimate boro AE86 duo: a stripped 3 door Sprinter Trueno and 2 door Corolla Levin! The duo was discovered in Okegawa (Saitama)

At first I thought he was filming a dump site, but after a few seconds I realized I was wrong!

He also took a video of the duo in action:

This proves that 40% of the AE86 was unnecessary crap you don’t need anyway! 😉

Drift video: Suzumebachi attack!

Jrotaro just uploaded these amazing drift videos that were shot yesterday at the Mount Fuji drift course:

The Fuji drift coursee is right next to the Fuji International Speedway, if you keep track of the background in this video you can clearly see the entrace gates.

A couple of 4A-GEs together gives such an amazing sound! It almost sounds like a swarm of attacking hornets. 😛

Suzumebachi attack!

Direct link to videos: AE86 drift ガレヌゞU and AE86 drift ガレヌゞU 富士ドリフトコヌス

Events: Hachi Rock Festa 2010

Last weekend the Hachi Rock Festa 2010 was held at the Sagamiko resort. I already did find some really nice pictures of this largest AE86 event!
Hachi Rock Festa 2010
Hachi Rock Festa 2010

Sure does look like they had fun! Wish I could have bought one of those vintage wheels…

And what about this crazy smallport 4AGE blacktop with ITBs?
Smallport 4AGE blacktop?
Smallport 4AGE blacktop?

And how about an updated modern hachi like this?
Led cornerlights and HID lights?
Led cornerlights and HID lights?

Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but it surely looks modern enough!

You can find more amazing AE86 pictures in these Minkara galleries:
HACHiRoCK?10 ?
HACHiRoCK?10 ?
HACHiRoCK?10 ?
HACHiRoCK?10 ?
Hachi Rock @ private garage krf
Hachi Rock @ ????????

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