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Hachi Rock 2011: The first pictures have arrived!

I have been searching on the interwebs since last sunday and patiently waiting for any photo of the best yearly meeting ever: Hachi Rock Festa!
The first photos arrived this morning when Chillin and Hachiroku posted up his trip to this meeting.
Hachi Rock 2011

As you can see from the length of the line of AE86s he wasn’t the only one attending:
Hachi Rock Festa 2011
In total

Through the links in his posting I was able to find some more photos. I especially like this one:
Hachi Rock Festa 2011
Who says a 28 year old car is dead?

If you are interested in the cartoonist behind the Hachi Rock Festa flyers, he is called K-Lucky and he is on Minkara. ;)

Photos found at:
Chillin and Hachiroku
Life with Elephant and Hachiroku
Aim life garage!
Bochibochi Ikimaseu

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  1. Nigel

    Thank you for posting these.
    Always wanted to see photos of this show.

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