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Commercial time: psychedelic Corona Mark II RT60

I found this great Space Age (almost psychedelic) commercial of the Toyota Corona Mark II:

The advertisement was made in 1968 with the first generation Mark II and it just landed in between the swinging sixties and the Space Age! The music and voice over is typically sixties beat while the Advertisement just Space Age.

This zenki model of the Corona Mark II was meant as a model in between the commercial successes of the small Corona and large Crown and had to address the new salary men. What better way to address them than with a psychedelic commercial in the Cinema or on prime time television?

A couple of decades later their children take dads old Corona Mark II and make it a bit more psychedelic than their fathers would have wished for during those swinging sixties… (???)

Direct link to video: TOYOPET CORONA MARKⅡ RT60 RT70

Commercial time: Smoking the competition!

I found this video on a Japanese blog called KaZato RACING and thought I looked very familiar:

Remember the two Cabin Spirit advertisements I posted a year ago??

Thanks to that blogposting I now know who is the driver in that advertisement: Kazuyoshi Hoshino!
One of the comments (translated by Google) in that posting:
It’s nostalgic! Hoshino smoke the scene, and I remember vividly!!
I can’t agree more with that comment! 🙂


Commerical time: Toyota Magnum PI?

What does Toyota have in common with Ferrari? Simple: both were selling their cars through the Magnum P.I. image!

When the Magnum P.I. television series aired in 1980 the sales of the Ferrari 308 GTS (and other models) boomed. Tom Selleck’s favorite car had so much appeal to the audience that everyone loved the car, including me! Even though I was only a little boy back in the early 80s that 308 GTS is somehow burned in my mind together with the image of a mustache wearing P.I.

Apparently Toyota thought the sex appeal of Thomas Magnum was strong enough to sell the “sporty” 1982 Mark II GX61:

To be honest: the 1G-GEU sounds really sporty…when modified the right way… But it will never sound as good as the V8 of any 308! 😉

The same salaryman features in the second commercial in this clip:

But then he promotes the Mark II Grande Limited. The seats of that Grande Limited look like one of those very comfortable couches from the 60s my grandma used to own. Mmmmm, soft! 😉

Mazda Capella sold as autobahn stürmer?

Have a look at this 1978 Mazda Capella ad:

At first I didn’t really notice, but this Japanese advertisement for the Mazda Capella is shot at the German Autobahn in the late 70s with a German License plate. By passing the BMW 3 series it looks like Mazda is saying they build a better autobahn stürmer than the BMW 3 series. However this second generation Capella did not feature a Wankel engine like the Capella 616 based RX-2 did. It would really have been a slap in the face if it did have the Wankel engine: the German invention made into perfection by Japanese engineers and sold with a Japanese hardtop coupe as an autobahn stürmer. IMO a missed opportunity…

RS Wantanabe wheel advertisement

Came across this nice advertisement of the RS Wantanabe on Youtube:

It features a Nissan (Datsun) Bluebird 910 coupe driving a rally and the wheels are the famous 8 spoke RS (Racing Service) Wantanabe rims, which we all know from Initial D. 😉

Nice to see those rims being advertised back in the 80s!

Toyota advertising touge drifting in 1982

This kind of amazed me: Toyota actually advertised touge drifting!!
This 1982 Starlet advertisement shows Ove Andersson drifting a Starlet down a mountain:

Only a year after this commercial they released the AE86 which became the icon for touge drifting. However nowadays Toyota keeps a lot of distance from most racing sports. Especially anything getting near road-racing, like drifting for example.

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